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ACV Gummies – Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – ACV Gummy Bears

ACV Gummy Bear Vitamins Complex – Apple Cider Vinegar,  Powder Super Fruit and B Vitamins

  • You don’t have to drink liquid Apple cider vinegar which can wear on your teeth and throat.
  • Apple cider vinegar, although it is vinegar which is acidic, is considered to be similar to lemon or lemon juice which is acidic too, yet, after digested in the body,  ACV, and lemons for that matter, promotes alkalinity.
  • ACV supports healthier blood sugar levels.
  • ACV is antibacterial and helps prevent infection in the body.
  • ACV is associated with helping with weight loss.
  • ACV also has been a found to help change the way gut bacteria processes fats for your overall health benefit and also for helping become more lean and healthy.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Helps support a good body pH.
  • Helps the body detoxification process
  • Helps promote a general overall good bacterial balance in the body.
  • Is anti-parasitic.
  • Is anti-aging.
  • Promotes health of skin and hair; promotes beauty.
  • Many of us have avoided supplementing with Apple cider vinegar as a liquid since it’s harsh to drink with a not so desired taste. So therefore the easy solution is… Apple cider vinegar gummies or ACV pills which is what the we are selling!
  • Plus this is Apple cider vinegar turned into powder which makes it easier to consume. Yes they can do that! So it’s not liquid, it’s the powder form which we believe is even better.


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