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weight loss acceleration

Part Of Weight Loss Of Acceleration Also Comes With Elimination Of Toxins Throughout The Body Since Toxins Accelerate All Sorts Of Problems In The Body

Part Of Weight Loss Of Acceleration Also Comes With Elimination Of Toxins Throughout The Body.

Toxins Accelerate All Sorts Of Problems In The Body While Helping Encourage Fat Storage.  Why? The Body Needs More Fat to Hold On to More Toxins Since Your Body Doesn’t Know How to Process Many of Today’s Strange Toxins..

These Toxins also Potentially Cause a Log Jam of Sorts in the Lymph for Additional Swelling, Contributing to that Puffy Blow Fish Look so Prevalent in “Modern Times”…

There are all sorts of toxins that one could have in the body. Actually you can even make your own toxins through various biological processes usually associated with cellular waste.

Foreign chemicals, heavy metals, bad frequencies and so on can disrupt cellular activity; it can “mess cells up” so they “don’t work right”.

If your body’s cells are not functioning properly then what happens? Well all sorts of things can happen that aren’t supposed to happen!

And one of the side effects besides all sorts of hideous named diseases is that we can become swollen which then can compound the swelling into an excessively large and puffy look which makes us look…  Fat and then for some people, really fat as in blowfish looking fat.

 Fat is one thing but swollen backed up fluids in the body is another. And what we are seeing in modern times is a combination of both that creates a very hideous and sickly look. There are so many toxins everywhere and food is so corrupted that  a lot of people don’t know what’s going on and they just simply eat and do what tastes and feels good, or what is available, or what their family habitually does.

 Most people also don’t know that they can retrain their cravings into craving foods that make you super healthy,  lean and toned,  youthful and good-looking.

 Just like forming a new habit, it takes about the same effort and time to form a new craving habit for foods that boost the health of the body without causing side effects.

 Other problems are created in the body with food that becomes processed, broken down, stripped of its many natural components that were necessary to digest that food well. So there are a lot of foods that create an imbalance in the body because their originally designed co-factor nutrients and other parts are missing.  These foods end up acting like  a toxin and cause reactions and chain reactions that you may not want to have going on in your body. A lot of these chain reactions can cause this similar type of swelling effect that looks like extraordinarily puffy body fat.

 So in order to become more lean and toned more easily what we need to do, what we found out personally is that we needed to develop a plan of detoxification which has two stages essentially:

1.  Stop the intake of toxins are reduced it drastically or processed foods that cause a toxin like effect. 

2.  Start increasing the intake of cleansers that detoxify the body.

In terms of cleansers what we like to do is focus on the natural whole substances first which would be foods and herbs. Foods and herbs, when strategically used, can be wonderful at helping the body detoxify, when done habitually.

 Additionally a lot of the toxicity in the body is related to breathing. And breathing well is related to mind states, emotional states, and also exercise levels, postural habits, stretching or lack thereof, and so on…

For most people a lot of the breathing problems comes with their mind state and then also their emotional state. Your emotional state can heavily affect your breathing. Breathing well cleanses the body as well or helps cleanse the body and neutralize toxins.

 Ultimately we need a plan to address different types of toxins from chemicals to heavy metals to excess bad bacteria and parasites.

 Here is an array of supplements to help make things easier you may want to investigate and use as we do. There are many different types of supplements associated with cleansing and detoxification. That said we like to make sure we don’t get too extreme and do a little at a time building it into a habit.   One Habit to do a heavy cleanse out and then another Habit to maintain.

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