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how to accelerate weight loss

Part Of Weight Loss Acceleration Comes With Reducing Inflammation In The Body.

Part Of Weight Loss Acceleration Comes With Reducing Inflammation In The Body.

Many of the various weight loss supplements associated with success are also linked to reducing inflammation. Now not all weight loss supplements, nutrients, herbs are associated with reducing inflammation but a lot of them are.

So if you think about inflammation in the body what do you think of? Well information means that something is inflamed or on fire.   So something’s on fire it’s being burned. There is a burning. There’s a burning that’s usually associated with an  acidic pH but that’s another bigger topic for another time.

Now  the word inflammation is a big word that’s broadly used and overused to a point where people just tend to ignore it. People often think of information as a burn on the exterior. Other people think of inflammation as swelling. Well inflammation  is burning that creates swelling in that the swelling comes from the body’s response to the burning trying to patch up and repair and put out the fire of the burning.

When the body responds inflammation of bunch of processes go on. Ultimately you get fluids, mucus to the response. Also cholesterol can be used.

Inflammation can also be caused by kinetic damage. But with kinetic damage you also have an acid effect whereas when cells get damaged in their waste products are released in addition to the general cellular shrapnel which is often associated with being acidic, burning, inflammatory in addition to the general immune system reaction to go clean up the junk.  So when you have kinetic damage, you end up killing a lot of cells in the area.  They become non functioning.  They clog up things.  They create a back up of fluids. The whole mechanism of reaction to the area is what causes the swelling. Swelling causes clogging.  Swelling and clogging makes an area look “fat”, general swelling and clogging throughout the body makes you look fat.   

And in modern times where a lot of people are continually inflaming their body, they tend to swell up, be backed up with all sorts of toxins, which makes them look fatter while also slowing down the elimination of excess body fat.  Additionally the body will retain extra fat in order to store toxins it doesn’t know how to eliminate. 

There are different types of swelling reactions But ultimately when you have something swollen up you have a lot of extra stuff in the area. And that extra stuff creates a backlog even a clogging of the drainage system within your body which is known as the lymphatic system which contains 80% of your body’s fluids. And when the various tubules of the lymphatic system get backlogged and clogged up then you have a backup that creates swelling, that creates an enlarged size in a particular area.

When these backups and backlogs in swellings go on too long they can cause other more severe problems in the body. But as you look around in modern times you see a lot of people really swollen looking. If you are older you’ll realize that modern fat does not look like fat of yesteryear when someone was fat and overweight.  Actually you had to work pretty hard to get fat in the good old days.    These days it’s incredibly easy to get fat and swollen filled with backed up intercellular sewage.

Well to make a long story short by targeting inflammation concepts we have found accelerated weight loss success. Whereas there was a struggle for quite a while, whereas we started feeling that it’s just harder than ever to lose weight,  we eventually came to realize that  the problem was chronic inflammation by consuming foods and drinks that we were told we’re healthy for us but we’re not. Also that was compounded by a plethora of toxins coming into our bodies from hidden sources and not so hidden sources

But ultimately we found that we needed to take some nutritional action in order to help start to cleanse out the swelling caused by inflammation in the body. We also learned that we needed to adjust our foods and supplements to better combat inflammation causers in the body.

So that’s an introduction to a few concepts in regards to inflammation and how it relates to weight loss struggles. Much more detail can be elaborated out on many levels. But for now you may want to consider looking at various weight loss supplements or other supplements related to helping reduce inflammation naturally.

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