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memory supplements - anxiety supplements

Memory Supplements

Maybe You Don’t Have as Much of a Memory Problem as a Nutrient Deficiency, Lack of Sleep and Poor Diet Problem Instead.

Your brain is a living organism. It must be fed, optimized and cleaned.  Also it does not do well when fed toxins, dirt, things that clog it up all while lacking hydration to boot. 

For more optimal brain function the new these days what is needed?

  • We need essential nutrients that arguably a large percentage of the population is not getting.
  • We need the prevention of the intake of bad things.
  • We need the cleansing out of bad things that are in the body in the brain.
  • We need an ongoing maintenance prevention and clean out assistance of the toxins within.

Associated with memory boosting our supplements such as fish oils, krill oil, coconut oil, turmeric, Ginger, Berberine to name a few potent starter supplements.  And  Velocity Brains – Brain Cleanse – Brain Support

Here is the entire Memory Supplements Category on Velocity Supplements

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Supplements – Coconut Oil Pills

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Krill Oil

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Premium Omega 3 Fish Oils

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Turmeric & Ginger with BioPerine

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Velocity Brains – Brain Cleanse – Brain Support


Also there are herbs and foods related to helping the brain repair and regenerate. And no it is not true that once you lose brain cells that they’re gone forever. They can be regenerated from nutrition, herbs.

Another factor in terms of memory is sleep. In the sleeping process as understood in the body and the mind goes through the various processes of sorting various interactions, experiences and thoughts into the brain. If you don’t get enough proper sleep going through the various cycles of the brain can’t sort out all the thoughts and you get a bunch of jumbled thoughts going around in your head. I’m sure you’ve noticed this type of concept over time.  And then you won’t have the energy or clarity of thoughts to deal with the thoughts of tomorrow without enough sleep either. 

On top of that here in modern times we have factors that affect sleep such as blue lights from computer screens and iPads and cell phones.

Additionally modern times we have so much information coming at us from so many angles that we have way more information the process versus yesteryear.

And on top of that, modern times has brought more anxiety. So anxiety has to be addressed because if we’re anxious then we are able to think straight because we have a swirl of emotional thoughts continually swirling around within therefore disrupting our normal thought process of being able to sort out thoughts while disrupting our normal thought process thereby interfering with our ability of being able to access and reflect on memories.

It’s in the quieter times that we reflect on memories isn’t it?

So in order to help with anxiety, brain function and memory in general we have some supplements related to helping support the body’s ability to deal with anxiety:

Such as our general nutritional core program but also our V.CALM anti-anxiety supplement formula


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V.CALM Anti-Anxiety Anti-Stress Focus & Productivity Supplement


Anxiety Zapper Bundle

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