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Is Saffron a Miracle Type of Supplement for the Eyes?

Saffron Discoveries Show Powerful Eye Health and Eye Recuperation Results

Of recent more discoveries about saffron for Eye Health have been coming about. Of course saffron has many other benefits to and is even sold as a weight loss support supplement.  But who knew saffron was so powerful for the eyes!   Well we do now! 

 On that note, did you know that studies have shown that saffron is an apoptosis agent? What does that mean that saffron is a cancer apoptosis agent?   This means saffron triggers cancer cells to “commit suicide”,  or kill themselves off.   Sounds dramatic but you certainly don’t want those cancer cells in you because it’s either you, or them!!  

But what maybe more important and more significant, for a large number of people these days, is that supplementing with saffron could prove to be a huge boost for vision quality and eye health restoration, from various eye problems.  Hence boost the health of the eyes through nutritional support and then the probability for great eyes follows.

See this incredible study by an Italian scientist that found that saffron may hold the key to stopping vision loss, as people age..

He said that saffron has remarkable effects on the genes which regulate performance of the eyes. It protects vision and may also slow down or even reverse the course of blinding diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and retinitis Pigmentosa.

According to this site: Daily supplementation with at least 20 mg a day is needed to achieve the health benefits of saffron. Fortunately our Saffron has 88 mg /pill. And we use the right kind of saffron called Crocus Sativus L.   Check out our saffron supplements here.  Saffron has so many more health benefits vs only for the eyes, although other studies which we’ll need to post about later, show saffron having incredible benefits for the eyes. 

On that same study link it is mentioned that a recent clinical study showed that taking just 20 mg of saffron per day for 3 months significantly improve age-related macular degeneration and while helping restore retinal function in addition to visual acuity.

In regards to saffron as a supplement, we will be looking to study this supplement more more overtime. Other advanced supplement manufacturers have been incorporating saffron into their eye formulas with good reported success.

Logically speaking, if saffron has proven over and over to be beneficial to the eyes, then it could be a prudent thing to look into adding saffron supplements into one’s daily or weekly routine turning saffron supplementation into a habit.

The smart thing to do, which is how we think, (even though we are  now selling supplements and not just taking them),  is that we look to turn a good thing into a habit. We use a type of maintenance dose which is usually just the suggested use on the bottle and then we use that as a habit. Of course it takes sometime  to form a  good habit, but not too much time, to program that habit pushing it all the way to the automatic habit stage. But when it becomes automatic, then boosting health becomes so much more easy.

When we turn the use of a supplement, such as saffron, into a habit after about a month or two of taking the supplement, then it becomes automatic. We don’t even think about it, we just take our saffron supplement along with a bunch of other powerful supplements like Velocity Vitality, Velocity Vision, Super Liver Liver Cleanse, Turmeric Ginger and so on.   And of course it’s best to just put these on auto ship otherwise we will tend to forget to order and then we may end up breaking our habit, a very powerfully positive habit! And just so you know we do have a pretty nice discount currently at 20% for autoship although that may change at any time so you may want to lock that in if you see it.

As noted in the studies above they looked for 20 mg a day. Is that the ideal dosage? Well different studies could be done on different doses amounts to measure the effectiveness. Ultimately every person is different and every person’s habits and stimuli from their environment is different so one person’s saffron needs could be different from the other. So the best answer there would be to work with a knowledgeable healthcare professional who could help you optimize saffron supplementation specifically and scientifically.

Additionally another question one may consider – what exactly would you be using saffron for? Is it to overcome a specific problem? That would require a certain quantity and frequency of saffron supplementation as opposed to having saffron as a health optimization and prevention habit.  Better work with a knowledgeable health care professional who knows nutrients well if you’re looking for accuracy in general but also to overcome a specific problem. 

And remember in order to boost the health of a particular body part or function, many health care professionals say that systematic intake of a health boosting substance would be needed. A “one shot”, or “magic pill mindset” use of  saffron here and there in a meal is not going to cut it, it doesn’t work that way.  I see it all the time.  If you want to have the health benefit you need to create the habit.  Maybe go listen some to Bruce Lipton on that note. 

Ultimately we are very appreciative for finding out more information on saffron’s incredible health boosting power to the eyes. Have I told you about my 2 week “miracle” getting my “small print eyesight” back in just two weeks?   Yes.  It included saffron and Velocity Vision and some Fish Oil, hmm Turmeric Ginger too.  We will look out for more information on saffron into the future. But a lot of people have no idea that there are nutritional things that can be done to help the eyes be healthy and thrive. And having such a powerful I boost from saffron is a great discovery.

 Check out our saffron supplements – some of the best saffron supplements on the market, in our opinion ;-)!

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