Is it Better to Drink Green Tea or Take Green Tea Supplements?

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This is a good question. From our personal experience in testing drinking green tea has certain benefits. And also has certain drawbacks. For the sake of getting more powerful results, supplementation is more effective.

Some people may like the taste of green tea, others may not. Stevia with green tea or some sort of natural sweetener that does not cause damage makes green tea taste pretty good, like candy! I’m a fan of using Stevia with green tea. Using sugar with green tea negates what we’re trying to accomplish with green tea so we don’t you sugar. That said drinking too much green tea also be a little too strong and can make you feel a little strange.

But on that note, green tea can be very helpful for the immune system and for its alkalizing properties, especially if you are “immune system depressed”, feeling like your immune system is weaker, or if you feel like you are on the “way to getting sick”, or if you have a full blown cold.

Arguably most people like drinking coffee better than green tea on average. Of course that will depend on your taste and what you’re trying to achieve. But as mentioned before if you’re looking to get the hard benefits, benefits such as weight loss, increase brain function, boost the immune system, alkalize the body, boost sugar digestion health or speed your way to a flatter belly we would say supplements work better for this. Plus, supplements are easy and do not require the preparation and work required to make green tea.

Others may not like the seaweedish taste of green tea either. So supplements offer the alternative. Plus you can get green tea extract and focus on the ECGC which is a highly studied catechins which are antioxidants that provide a variety benefits.

We can say making green tea sounds more idealistic but from personal experience and from watching the behavior patterns of others these days, people overwhelmingly tend to go for convenience up supplementation versus putting time and effort in making green tea. Plus if you use a Keurig cup to make green tea or essentially melting plastic into your green tea which is not a very smart sounding idea.

Did you know also that green tea can help potentially expand your life? There have been studies that show that those who drink the most green tea, live longer, on average and had fewer disease problem.

Certainly, when you turn a very strongly healthy thing such as green tea into a habit, that habit, with enough of a quantity and frequency,  can give an impactful powerful positive health boost,  helping you prevent or even overcome some health  problems.  

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