Increasing Testosterone & Decreasing Estrogen in Men – a Desperately Needed Concept Says Women Desperate for a “Real Man”

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Have you talked to many women these days? Have you had heard the desperation out there that women are having these days? You hear the phrase “real man” and how they “can’t find a real man anymore” quite often!

Have you ever thought about what that means? What’s their concept of a real man? Who is the ideal real man? What are they really looking for?

Prince Charming? Grizzly Adams? Fabio? Tom Selleck?

Well what has happened to men these days? They have become feminized mentally emotionally and physiologically, at least up to the point of this typing and hopefully it’s been improved about the time you read this. Physiologically speaking, this has happened because of the intake of too much estrogen and too many xenoestrogens that have contaminated just about everything we come in contact with or are put in our bodies. You can even get feminized by touching a printed receipt from your purchase not to mention drinking out of plastic. Also various pesticides are considered to be xenoestrogens that not only feminize but also sterilize. Yikes!

I mean come on, ever heard of a man losing his libido? I didn’t think it was possible! But you hear the stories of men just totally losing their libido and their ability to “man up”. Maybe here’s a key concept to the mystery of what is a “real man”.

Regardless did you know that herbs are actually very potent when it comes to raising testosterone and eradicating excess estrogen? Of course you’ll want to check with your knowledgeable healthcare provider before undergoing any sort of supplementation program, particularly when it involves the hormones because hormones do need to be balanced properly.

But if you know what you’re doing, then you may want to check out this bundle kit we put together called V.MAN Man UP Bundle Kit 1 which could end up helping you get quite a BOOST. Just be warned, this stuff really works! You better let your wife know “what’s gotten into you”, or maybe it’s better to keep that your little secret…

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