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How to Win at the Keto Diet – Advice from a Pro


What’s a diet? Have you ever thought about what a diet actually is?


A diet firstly is a specific protocol, a systematic way of eating that is very specific to address a certain amount of foods in combination, quantity and frequency for a specific result.

There are diets that are not for weight loss or fat burning as well. Diets can be tuned in for certain health issues or even concepts such as more energy.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein and low to no carbohydrate diet that was first used in medicine for healing purpose but now has become a popularized weight loss diet concept.

Here’s some benefits associated with the keto diet in addition to weight loss

  • Immune system boost
  • Type 2 diabetes support
  • Epilepsy support
  • Fat is pulled from fat stores in the body more efficiently therefor becoming an effective efficient type of diet.
  • More fat is pulled from the abdominal cavity area in proportion
  • Triglycerides tend to go down dramatically
  • HDL cholesterol goes up which people consider good
  • Reduce blood sugar and insulin levels with major Improvement to type 2 diabetes
  • Blood pressure tends to go down
  • Is useful as a diet for those with metabolic syndrome
  • Helps with cognitive abilities and focus
  • Type of diet that is used in fighting cancer since cancer feeds on glucose
  • Helps with decreasing inflammation which helps with related conditions that are tied into inflammation
  • Improves energy levels and sleep
  • Helps keep uric acid levels even
  • Is great for neurological health
  • Has benefits for stabilizing hormones and increase fertility in women
  • Has benefits for Eye Health
  • Has been shown to promote muscle gain while curbing obesity thereby reducing stored fat increasing while muscle mass at the same time.

The keto diet specific type of diet and you need to know the nuances in order to not screw it up. Easy to mistake eater drink a substance that can trigger an insulin response therefore throwing you out of ketosis. So you want to get well educated preferably by fitness professionals experience with the keto diet.

There have been different popularized low-carbohydrate types of diets overtime of course. Remember the Atkins diet? Yes well there are different variations of a low-carb diet and these low carb diets have evolved over time to more refined and arguably more intelligent methods.

What goes on in the keto diet?  By reducing your body to a low-carbohydrate state to no carbohydrates state your body kicks in a backup energy production process and starts producing ketones to be used as energy. Is it produced from fat, stored body fat. So the pulling out of stored body fat is the key, that makes the keto diet so appealing.

But when there is very little carbohydrate in the diet the liver converts fat into fatty acids and Ketone bodies. Ketone bodies end up replacing glucose as an energy source.

There’s a transition process that your body undergoes to get into the keto state and it takes a little bit of time to get into the keto or ketosis state. Actually the first few days have a low to no carb your diet can be a bit tough as your body transitions over to ketosis.  But then you get more used to the keto diet and things get better after the first few days especially as you switch over to using ketones as fuel.  But be careful not to slip up with carbs or you’ll set yourself back in the process creating extra work and time on the diet.

One of the main attractive points to people with the keto diet  is that firstly the high fat take helps retain muscle mass believe it or not.   Yes a concern for most Fitness professionals and bodybuilders is that they need to dye it down while retaining their muscle mass. And actually this is a concern that should be for everyone because muscle mass provides us body shape and higher metabolism rates. Conversely those who are anorexic ignore the Muscle Factor and as they waste away their muscle tissues their body will still retain a sort of flabby sagginess which makes them push on towards dieting more in a poor way.

In the keto diet with no glucose present and the liver starts converting stored fat into burnable usable fat and ketones.   So this keto diet becomes an efficient process to remove stored body fat which is what we want when we do a diet or an exercise program.

Now in regards to the actual dieting process most Fitness professionals understand that dieting is hard. And they seek to get as much help as they can get in order to make the fat burning process more efficient. So they usually take supplements and a lot of them.  Just about every fitness model and bodybuilder professional uses weight loss supplements that I’ve ever known or heard of. It’s not that they rely on the weight loss supplements to automatically burn all the fat off of them as some people think, it’s that the weight loss supplements make fat burning more efficient plus they usually provide focus and energy and a feeling of fun that makes the dieting process more enjoyable.

Fortunately we have a very nice line of Keto supplements that you may want to try in coordination with your keto diet. We also have other keto related weight loss supplements such as cleanse supplements and fats base supplements that could assist you on your keto diet helping you get through the diet while helping the diabetes effective. Of course you always went to work with a knowledgeable Healthcare professional on a direct matter in order to correctly use supplements or perform any diet matter said sincerely and not just as a disclaimer.


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