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Immune Boosting Strategy

How To Prevent Colds And Flus

How To Prevent Colds & Flus?

There Are Many Approaches But Ultimately You’re Going To Have To Keep Your  Body In A High Strength State Of Operation With Strong Immune System Levels – And To Do So, You Will Need Strategies And Tools To Get You There.

And Speaking Of Tools, Immune Boosting Supplements Are Some Of Our Top Weapons In Our Immune Boosting, Bad Bug Crushing Arsenal!

Most people have a very poor level of health in their body and have absolutely no clue about it or what to do about it.  They make their immune systems vulnerable, weaker on average in the process.  Most people have been taught to believe that you are “supposed to get sick at least 3 or 4 times a year”….  I don’t subscribe to that belief any more and have personally stopped getting sick nearing 9 years ago personally. 

When what makes matters many times worse is that many popular healthcare professionals don’t seem to understand what it takes to obtain a strong immune system and do so quickly.  They go on suffering themselves as well, unnecessarily in my opinion. 

Foods:  Speaking of foods, most of foods people eat on average in modern times, including what has been promoted as “healthy” do not promote health but promote decay and disruption while providing a continual challenge to the immune system and a continual challenge to the  physical bodies various operating systems, while draining the body’s resources and energy while also clogging up internal mechanisms. These foods put us in a strategic disadvantage for the immune system putting the immune system in a “swimming up stream” situation. 

 In order to put oneself in a position for better probability success in avoiding a cold and flu one can do a variety of things. Ultimately they need to learn about bad things to stop and good things to start as a habit.  But they also need to know about bad things to stop and good things to start strategically for a stronger and more immediate impact. 

One needs to become very good at reacting in real time in  balancing out the immune system strength in the body.  It’s a continual dance, although good immune boosting habits can make strong immune system balancing much easier.  

 We have a lot to say on this topic but that needs to be reserved for one of our new courses and our topics not for this website.

But we can talk about here is that part of the equation is having powerful immune-boosting supplements.

Immune-boosting supplements can give us a strategic rapid response mechanism for helping boost the immune system as soon as the immune system enters into a perceived dip in strength. When there is a dip in strength we wanted to be proactive in boosting the immune systemimmediately. I’m one of those methods we use is to use supplements which we have personally found to be very effective and helping boost the immune system immediately.

 Below you can see from the selection of supplements that we offer currently on this site a powerful array of immune-boosting supplements that you would do well to add to your Arsenal immune-boosting weaponry.

 And we just added some new powerful immune-boosting supplements that from our own experience can be immediate boosters for the immune system that when taken strategically and or systematically can help the immune system rise up and crush an invading bag bug infestation, helping immediately power up the immune system.

We are excited about our new V.IMMUNITY X – The Hammer – Power Immune Formula Immune  in particular because it corresponds to one of our time-tested immune boosting systems that has worked rock-solid over the years.

V.SHROOMS Immune Power Mushrooms Supplement  Is another powerful immune-boosting support supplement on many levels yet from different angles.

You also need a good multivitamin that’s food-based preferably and we have one of the best on the market with  Velocity Vitality Foods Based Premium Multivitamin.

Also you we have a multiple of other supplements that will boost the immune system from many angles such as: fish oils, Elderberry, berberine, ACV pills, turmeric ginger, probiotics, Chlorella, Ceylon cinnamon, vitamin D3 and so on that you can find more details about on our immune supplements page right here.

We have a lot to talk about in regards to boosting the immune system that we’ll need to continue in future posts.  Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates!

P.S.  Here are a few of our Immune Boosting Supplements on Amazon: 

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Velocity Beet Root Supplement on Amazon

Green Tea Complex – Weight Loss Formula on Amazon

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Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 

Elderberry Fruit & Extract Capsules on Amazon

Turmeric & Ginger with BioPerine on Amazon


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