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How Does Turmeric Boost the Immune System

How Does Turmeric Boost the Immune System?

Turmeric is a major anti-inflammatory substance. Turmeric is associated with 700 benefits as is studied for over 700 applications, clinically according to a website called GreenMedinfo.com that focuses on collecting and organizing clinical research that is beneficial for humans that is natural.

What are the signs of a cold or a flu? What’s the first thing that comes to mind?  

Let’s see… Sinus issues, runny nose, coughing, aching, watery eyes,  tiredness, dreariness, cloudy thought…  What comes to mind the topmost?   Mucus!   Mucus expression.    But also, did you know that the weary, dreary tiredness that comes from an “under the weather” state called “sickness” or “the cold” or “flu” is also related directly to what causes inflammation, the inflaming, what triggers an mucous response?

Have you ever thought about what causes mucus?

In regards to foods, have you ever noticed that when you eat ketchup,  sugary things  or even most dairy… That you  generate mucus pretty quickly? Maybe think about other things that cause mucus pretty quickly.

And then consider that there are foods that can have a delayed onset effect of causing a mucus generation in the body and throughout the body because those foods digest into substances that cause mucus.

So in short what’s most associated with causing mucus? Well according to many highly successful knowledgeable health care professionals who are actually successful that healing their patients,  acid-forming forming foods.   Other say starch.  Starch breaks down into sugars. Sugar in the body causes the body to be acidic particularly if it’s out of balance with other cofactor nutrients better found in raw sugar as found in nature but not so in refined.   Processed foods can be loaded with refined sugar, even hidden in there. But still, too much cane sugar can push the body to the mucous generated side and again, mucus is always related to acid, acid burns, acid causes inflammation. 

So the bottom line is that acid, burns. Acid causes what? Inflammation!

Acid substances cause inflammation which then goes on to trigger a mucous response.  Many foods after they are  digested put out a net acid. And then yes, there are other foods that are initially acid that put out a net alkaline such as citrus, which is well-known. 

Many other things that burn or cause unhealthy cellular activity can cause inflammation.  Anything that disrupts cellular activity which then leads to cell die off can trigger a chain reaction of sorts of more cellular die off.  That can cause a mucous response in the body or externally with sinus mucous.  Cellular waste is considered to be mostly acidic.  But also, excessive cellular die off starts clogging interstitial pathways for elimination, which then starts increasing acid burn, triggering more inflammation, thereby triggering a mucus response, creating a big mess in the process.   The body then goes on to hurry up and find other ways of release waste, lymphatic waste, which mucous expression outward, out of the body and sweat as well are 2 other alternative routes.

So many things can cause inflammation, triggering mucus responses and systematic, exterior expression of alternative cleansing of the body.   Foods and drinks that push the acid balance thereby triggering mucous production usually only last until they are counterbalanced with other anti-mucous, or anti inflammatory foods, drinks or supplements.   Kinetic damage of different types such as an injury can cause inflammation although that’s usually not associated with a mucus response. 

Excessive exercise, from cardio types or weight training types, can create such a inflammatory acid load from cellular damage and lactic acid, for example, that it can create a general excessive mucus state which indeed can lead to a dip into a full blown symptomatic state, which I actually had happen several times when I was younger and did not know how to quickly remedy that heavy inflamed mucus stuffed state, as I do now.  Or inhaling an irritant can cause persistent problems as long as that irritant is stuck there. 

Of course chronic irritants cause chronic inflammation which causes chronic backups interstitially which then, if persistent enough, will trigger the  body to start forming tumors over that acidic pool of cellular sewage that is just stuck or chronically backed up due to chronic irritants. 

Also what else causes inflammation in the body? Well there are a lot of things but one of the other prime things  is an imbalance of breathing. This is very overlooked by the planet you could say except for  seemingly small amount of people. They don’t understand how the respiration process helps regulate the pH of the body and a significant way. When you have too much CO2 buildup in the body you have carbonic acid creating an acid state. When you  don’t have enough oxygen in the body then you don’t have the oxygen that alkalizes the body and neutralizes toxins.

Most toxins in the body are considered to be acidic.  So when you have more CO2 and less oxygen then you’re going to have a problem which can lead to inflammation and a mucous expression. A lot of people get sick this way meaning that they go into a state of heavy symptomatic expression simply because they are not breathing well or they are not breathing enough good air with a good O2 to CO2 balance in the air.  This often happens in transition between seasons and is arguably the #1 cause for “cold and flu” season as opposed to mystery ninja bugs that come out of hibernation to come and get you.  On the other hand, if you take in extra toxins around this time it will enhance your ability to get a “cold or flu”

And speaking of breathing and its relation to inflammation in the body, a lot of what causes poor breathing are two prime things:  1.  Bad air,  that not only is polluted but has a low oxygen to high CO2 ratio.  2.  Emotions that are negative cause restrictive breathing.   Fear is a big enemy. Most people have no idea  that fear, on so many levels, causes disease and sickness whereas if there was no fear any sort of extensive symptom or problem in the body much of the time would have quickly gone away.  The disease name system induces fear which causes a lot of people to manifest their sickness. Additionally the mystery of a symptom or a discomfort in the body can cause exploration and fear which then can actually cause manifestation of a significant or larger problem.

Well oh, we’ve mentioned some very big topics in this article. And to wrap this up maybe, one should consider the use of anti-inflammatory natural substances can either use on a habitual basis and or to use in a more strong way to combat a state of over acidity, information generation,  symptomatic expression mostly through mucus which that mucus is a reaction to the inflammation.

So then we like to keep on hand a quality turmeric supplement  that is boosted with curcuminoids and has Biopierne  or other pepper absorption booster to our Arsenal, to have on hand, but also use eventually, then one has turmeric increase their personal power and their ability to better help the body stay in a state of ease  and lower inflammation.

Additionally one more thing, as we’ve been seeing over the decades, it’s the chronic inflammation that builds up over time into a major health problem, or what is classified usually as a major health problem. Why is that? Well it’s the inflammatory habits that eventually get to the point in the body where they end up creating significant damage by just continually burning and destroying tissue at accelerated rates while also creating clogs in the body,  creating clogs in the interstitial pathways, the sewage pipes, the lymphatic system and related organs of  cleansing expression.   When you have a clog that is either minor and then or major these clogs can cause significant problems in the body while compounding upon damage to the surrounding tissue.  More on this topic later…

How Does Turmeric Boost the Immune System?


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