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L-glutamine Boost The Immune System

How Does L-glutamine Boost The Immune System?


L glutamine supplementation is a favorite thing to do by bodybuilders who look to recuperate, regenerate more quickly.

L glutamine is an amino acid. It’s in many foods but the supplementation of L-glutamine helps boost and amplifiy the ability to use L glutamine to regenerate and repair muscle tissues and even the gut.

L-glutamine can be produced in the body and is one of the most abundant amino acids in the blood and other bodily fluids. But sometimes due to stress, immune system stress or physical stress such as lifting weights, your body needs more L-glutamine than its ability to produce so then therefore supplementation could give you a direct and quick boost of L glutamine in your system.

L glutamine is a very important nutritional source for immune cells especially white blood cells. So when one is looking to have a stronger immune system they have to understand that the immune system is a living thing in living things need to be fed what they need to eat.

A glutamine is also related to having strong intestinal cells which is also related to having a stronger immune system.

This is an interesting clinical study on the use of glutamine for rapid wounded regeneration and immune site boosting.   

Here is an excerpt from the study that you can see from the link above.

“Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and accounts for 60% of the intracellular amino acid pool. This amino acid is considered to be conditionally essential as a deficiency can occur rapidly after injury. Glutamine is used as an energy source after the stress response as it is released from cells to undergo glucose conversion in the liver for use as energy., In addition, glutamine is the primary fuel source for rapidly dividing cells like epithelial cells during healing.

Glutamine has potent antioxidant activity, being a component of the intracellular glutathione system. It also has direct immunological function by stimulating lymphocyte proliferation through its use as energy. Glutamine has anticatabolic and anabolic properties also and is the rate-limiting agent for new protein synthesis (Table (Table1313).

Table 13

Properties of glutamine

1. Anabolic, anticatabolic
2. Stimulates human growth hormone release
3. Acts as Antioxidant
4. Direct fuel for rapidly dividing cells
5. Immune stimulant
6. Shuttle for ammonia
7. Synthesis for purine and pyrimidines


After injury, burns,  working out to hard, working out in general, poor diets, not enough food and so on… Your blood levels of L glutamine can go down and is can create a negative scenario for immune system strength.

Here’s another study that looks into the use of glutamine and the immune system

“Glutamine is utilised at a high rate by cells of the immune system in culture and is required to support optimal lymphocyte proliferation and production of cytokines by lymphocytes and macrophages. Macrophage-mediated phagocytosis is influenced by glutamine availability. Hydrolysable glutamine dipeptides can substitute for glutamine to support in vitro lymphocyte and macrophage functions….”

We wanted to give an introductory concept to the association of L glutamine in the immune system and how L glutamine is used by the body for general repair and how it is also depleted very easily through general daily activities but particularly through injuries, working out, poor diets and so.  Speaking of poor diets you could argue that most people have poor diets and don’t even know.

So as we bodybuilders know the use of L glutamine supplementation is a big deal and helps us recuperate from our brutal muscle building workouts much more rapidly. You may want to add L glutamine supplementation as a regular habit or to be used strategically to help give you that boost to overcome physical body stress or to actually use while you are feeling immune system weak. 

Also the consideration of using L glutamine as a preventative booster before engaging in stressful events thereby having an ample supply of L glutamine available in the body could be something to consider as another strategic approach in using L glutamine supplementation. This would apply for use before a physically engaging or straining event for better recuperation but also for an immune system the booster before engaging in various activities that could be associated with weakening the immune system or excessive exposure to germs.

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