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How Does Garlic Boost Immune System

How Does Garlic Boost Immune System?

Garlic has been studied for quite a long time by modern science and ancient medicine for a long long time for boosting the immune system by improving the immune system performance.

Garlic is Also Associated with Keep “Bad Spirits” Away and We Explain How that Works in Certain Ways Below Plus How It Has Been Used Against You to Make You Sick 

Garlic also is very anti-inflammatory which helps the immune system’s cleanup job. Many researchers are coming to think of the immune system more as a janitorial service for the body. Most people think of the immune system as a killer Army for bad bugs but it’s more of a janitorial service as researchers are finding out more and more. And the key to beating a lot of health issues according to various intelligent Health Care Professionals is that you want to make the clean up needs in the body low.

One of the main ways to do this is to target keeping  your inflammation low.  And you want to keep your chronic inflammation low as well, which means that your habits are anti-inflamatory. Every now and then something is going to inflame you on the inside whether you eat it, drink it, breathe it in or simply as a reaction to exercise or injury of one level or or another.

Inflammation usually means that there will a mucous response for putting out that inflation.  Inflammation is also associated with excessive rates of cell die off. When you have excess rates of  cell die off then you have a lot of junk to clean up. And the junk gets backed up. That promotes a further  mucus response in addition to whatever other responses the body uses such as the use of minerals, bicarbonate and cholesterol to put out the inflammation, the fire, the acid burn really in the body. So whatever foods or herbs can help keep inflammation low then those substances are usually associated with boosting the immune system and being able to better prevent or reverse various health issues.

Another concept, which is interesting is in the spirit realm or the thought realm. Now I’m not that well versed on this concept but these days we are hearing a lot about spiritual things and things that affect the spirit realm especially on the dark side.

People, for ages, have used garlic to protect against bad spirits. And technically, you could argue, if you go on the soul side of things, most disease starts in the soul.  It starts in the soul then manifests out into this physical realm, this 3D Avatar world.

When there is a negative energy mixed with a negative thought assigned to a certain area of the body you can manifest, aka “make it happen”, that particular problem in the body one way or another. A- visualization of a problem mixed with a negative emotion can manifest from the spirit realm into the natural realm. In a positive way it’s kind of like this:   Let’s say that you have an idea to make something like cookies and  the more you think about those tasty chocolate chip cookies the more excited you get.  Eventually, the excitement energy gets to a point where you get enough energy to get you to go  manifest those cookies, you go get the ingredients and make those cookies,  or you go to the store and buy those cookies.   You manifested the cookies with the thought plus the positive excitement emotion.

Well this can be done to the dark side to create health problems which is what allopathic MD  medicine specializes in doing. Some call that sorcery, others call it witchcraft as well, some call it trickery others call it idiocy.  Some call it “diagnosis”.   This is what their disease system is mostly about many argue so that people can manifest disease through their minds and hearts so they can be treated for profit.  But in many cases it’s gone beyond that where diagnosis is just made up with very little accuracy, for the sake of prescribing treatment which then harms the patient further in one way or another.  Personally, I’ve experience these screwy, way off, totally illogical, totally inaccurate, idiotic diagnoses so many times that I’ve lost count, while later identifying consistencies in error, consistencies of which that gave clues for the actual fix. 

I’ve seen myself in my own testing back and forth upon this concept of thoughts, even words spoken out loud mixed with emotions or not even mixed with much emotion and their impact on perceived  immune system strength vs weakness for avoiding colds and flus. Doing this has helped me better master the ART of avoiding colds and flus.  And I’ve seen others use this to the severe negative where they basically caught onto a visualization of a negative problem like cancer in a certain area and they mixed it with such strong fear in combination with the words they spoke out loud, about their own self, which then months later they manifested that same disease, which in the case I’m thinking about right now, was cancer, or, it was “diagnosed as cancer” but rather a flare up reaction from taking a drug related to that particular area. And because they would not change their belief in that disease they went on to get all the wrong treatments which then terminated them, against all warning and logic as well.

Anyways, garlic is associated with warding off bad spirits. I’m not an expert on that matter but a bad spirit, a bad mindset, a bad visualization mixed with bad emotions can most certainly manifest disease including a cold or a flu. And if garlic can keep you positive well, maybe that’s something to consider.  If you wore a garlic necklace, as they did in years past, at the very least, it would keep you distracted from much thinking due to the strong smell and strong fumes.  Garlic maybe able to keep not only bad spirits away from you , but it can certainly also help repel just about everyone due to the smell! lol  So maybe you can say that garlic could help keep, negative, annoying people away from you too!  That said, garlic in supplements  usually does not present any odoriferous emanations.

Here is nice clinical study about garlic boosting the immune system.  There are tons more but let’s just start with one:

Supplementation with aged garlic extract improves both NK and γδ-T cell function and reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled nutrition intervention

Results: After 45 d of consuming an encapsulated aged garlic extract, γδ-T cells (p = 0.039, n = 56) and NK cells (p = 0.043, n = 56) were shown to proliferate better compared to placebo. After 90 d of supplementation, illness diary entries showed that the incidence of colds and flu, a secondary outcome, were not statistically different; however, the group consuming the aged garlic extract appeared to have reduced severity as noted by a reduction in the number of symptoms reported (21% fewer, p < 0.001, z-test of proportions), a reduction in the number of days (61% fewer, p < 0.001, z-test) and incidences (58% fewer p < 0.001, z-test) where the subjects functioned sub-optimally and the number of work/school days missed due to illness (58% fewer, p = 0.035, z-test).

Conclusions: These results suggest that supplementation of the diet with aged garlic extract may enhance immune cell function and that this may be responsible, in part, for reduced severity of colds and flu.    Details here

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