Have You Swollen Joints? Try My New Joints Protocol Bundle that Helped Me Avoid Another Surgery… And Heal Up Better than Ever!

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So I was asked to play basketball with some whippersnappers… And yeah… I haven’t played in a long time. After several knee surgeries and a bunch of junk tissue in between I really wasn’t ready to play but I just couldn’t resist.

Later on my knee swollen up the size I want of those massive grapefruits maybe a small watermelon. It looked hideous. I was very concerned that I would need to have surgery again…

But this time I received a new protocol which was quite fascinating. I did this protocol quite frequently per day and then soon after that my knee return to normal and stronger than ever. I was quite surprised how quickly everything became cleaned up and repaired in my knee.

So this time I avoided taking dangerous ibuprofen supplements which of last report mention that Ibuprofen supplements kill 17,000 a year? Wow, that’s nuts. You have to wonder why that’s not like big news. These chemical pushers bash natural substances quite frequently making up and twisting various presentations on why natural supplements are “risky”. Why wouldn’t they if you think about it: Natural supplements are much more effective, they don’t have the side effects nor a have the endless list of deaths that the chemical pushers do. As of last report we heard: Over 300,000 people a year die from chemical medicine (some say it’s really in the millions) and ZERO from natural supplements. Do you your own research of course. Those stats are certainly logical if you know chemistry and biochemistry, anatomy and physiology.  Hopefully you can find the information and the facts.

Go back to what I was talking about: So I’d like to share this little protocol bundle from my own experience. Of course I can’t advise or recommend what you should take but I can share my own experience. And if you are on drugs, chemicals then who knows in terms of interactions,  you have a wild card chemical in your body that could cause all sorts of different reactions and chain reactions so you always check with your doctor and pharmacist (don’t forget the pharmacist because sometimes docs don’t even know how  a particular drug may interact with another drug or natural supplement  and the pharmacist usually is much more well versed on particular drug interactions and has the drug database tools to do quick research to find out more info if needed.)

These three products in our Joint Pain & Joint Swelling Bundle Kit are even more powerful than what I took because I was just loading up with turmeric and fish oil multiple times a day when I had that knee problem. But now you get Velocity Joints which is a powerful new joint formula that we think you’re really going to like.

And as a reminder, when we target a specific problem with specific supplements that are associated with supporting a health boos to help remedy that problem, then we’ll take more.  But once a problem is resolved we’ll back off into a lesser maintenance dose for the overall health benefits.  Just thought I’d mention that. 

Try it out. If you he think it looks good then put it on auto-ship.


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