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Get Rid of Joint Pain

Glucosamine And Vitamin E Supplementation Combination Provides Significant Reduction Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Glucosamin Supplementation and Vitamin E Supplementation for Reducing Inflammation and Increasing Regeneration….?

Joint pain stinks. Weak joints can be miserable and anointing really inhibiting living life to the maximum. I know from experience.  And it’s great news find discoveries like this out of which we can then look to develop our own protocol habits potentially for giving us a huge upgrade, a real boost and hope for regaining that lost agility of yesteryear…

Here’s an interesting clinical study that shows the combination of glucosamine supplements and vitamin E providing a powerful one-two punch against rheumatoid arthritis.

What is an “itis”? An itis in medical terminology deals with inflammation. What causes inflammation or what is associated usually with causing  inflammation? Primarily acid burns in the body mostly caused by an acid pushing diet but can be associated with other things as well such as toxins or even poor breathing habits, lack of exercise or too much exercise at once… 

Inflammation is not the same as swelling because you could have kinetic damage that causes a big backup in the sewage pipes, the cleansing pipes of your insides due to the kinetic damage, the ripping apart of cells, the death of cells which can come from a tear, a smashing (i.e. bruising) etc.

A lot of people have rheumatoid arthritis for a variety of reasons.  Mostly this rheumatoid arthritis is linked to dietary habits that knowledgeable healthcare professionals know about and know how to fix.  But that will involve habit changes and that will also usually include the addition supplementation habits.

You can use foods as well but that takes a lot of work and a lot of chewing. Foods are not as efficient often as supplements.

Fortunately we have the Internet these days and you can research different approaches over different types of search engines on the success different people have had in addressing rheumatoid arthritis.

But just understand that unless you stop the bad things and  start enough good things in proper quantities and repetitions, one will not make much joint health restoration progress.  It will be like swimming upstream as the expression goes if you keep doing the bad thing. But the good news is that the discovery and experimentation with various natural nutritional supplements has shown to have great benefits as we’ve experienced our own selves.

here is the study

“Glucosamine plus vitamin E supplementation reduced the MDA level by 61.9% and increased the SOD, catalase, GSH, Gpx, and zinc levels. MMP-3, PGE2, ceruloplasmin, copper, NO and uric acid levels were significantly reduced by supplementation of glucosamine plus vitamin E. NF-κB, and iNOS protein levels were decreased by 47.7% and 39.5%, respectively, by glucosamine plus vitamin E supplementation. Thus, supplementation with glucosamine plus vitamin E exerted a synergistic effect against RA.”


I find these discoveries to be fascinating. Glucosamine is associated with being a strong inflammation reduction agents while also the same time helping provide the materials for joints rebuilding. Also vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and has a whole host of benefits associated with its use as a supplement, as an extra supplement which many healthcare professionals usually talk about starting at 400 I use 800 IU a day although you’ll have to work with your smart healthcare professional on developing your own protocol for you in combination with whatever else is going on  with your body.



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