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Gimme Back My Vision!

“Hey! I can see!  I can see much better now even that small print on these supplement bottles lol…”

I can’t tell you what to do. But I can tell you what works for me. So after some various research and stories from others we stumbled upon a group of nutrients for supplementation that is highly beneficial to the eyes.

So what was happening was that I was struggling seeing the fine print and small lettering, for example on supplement bottles :).

And so this was going on for some time and this is very much attributed to words and overuse of the computer staring at a computer screen too many hours per day. But that’s just how it is for now.

So long story short I started using the supplements in this supplement protocol and within two weeks my vision was completely restored. I could read the fine print.   My eyes did not feel strained as they were feeling continually strained (well, because I was straining them by gawking at a computer screen umpteen hours a day…). And my vision had much more clarity short medium and long distance.

So the concept here is that when we feed our eyes the food they need in addition to other superpowered eye nutrients that help give the eyes strength and extra power then logically then we could expect more positive eye health and strength. That is the logical conclusion and now I have my own experiential conclusion to find this indeed to be the case.   So therefore a. I was starving my poor eyeballs before while overworking them.  b. core nutrients plus super eye, vision nutrients (herbs and the like as you can see in the formulas) sure can give eye health a boost as those various clinical studies say.  (You can do your own research on the matter if you like.)

I put this here for the benefit of those looking to boost their eye health like I was able to as I can attest from my own experience and clinical researchers can attest from their own tests. Please do understand the logic of making sure your eyes have nutrients they need to work optimally and regenerate in a healthy way. Do your own research and maybe use this protocol as a stepping stone to develop your own eye health nutrient booster support protocol, turned into a habit. Or of course you can just use this protocol as well – hey it work for me.

Photo by Sarah Trummer from Pexels

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