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Free Supplements:  How to Get Them

You can generate free supplements in a couple different ways.

  1. We have an affiliate program so just by doing some marketing of your affiliate links (i.e.  In your emails,  and your signature tags,  on your social media profiles,  to your newsletters  4 even actively promoting on your content channels or through  the conversion of paid ads you can start generating  cash flow income for yourself I’ll get in your supplements for free since your income would pay for the supplement but of course we pay you out the extra but you don’t use in supplements.)  Get started in our affiliate program here.
  2. We have a referral program that you can use whereas you can promote to earn points doing minimal activities like giving us a shout out on your social media for example.   You just follow the instructions of the program.  You can follow the link at the bottom left of the website it’s a little black  rectangle that says “rewards” at this point in time .
  3. Also we can do bartering.  Of particular interest to us is that if you create content for us, market for us on your podcast or YouTube channel for us, email your newsletter, do influencer marketing to your following and or any other marketing actions that you think that could benefit the Velocity Supplements business.  Doing these things could get you a lot of free supplements.  Let us know what you can do and we’ll working something out, easy and simple.   If you have other ideas let us know but of course we have to have interest and there has to be a in-kind value exchange.  On our side, to keep things more simple we prefer digital things, unless you have an official online business where physical things can be processed through your business, as would be with ours.  If you have a health foods and or supplements, having stuff we don’t have, well we could help each other out too.  Contact us about bartering possibilities – it’s a really old school concept but can be quite beneficial to both parties. 
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