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Focus & Energy Supplements

Get More Things Done. Improve Productivity. Perform Better In What You Do. Boost Brain Health. Boost. Increase Your Success. Have More Fun In Your Work.

Focus and energy supplements are one of our favorite types of supplements. That may be obvious just due to the name of the brand "Velocity". 

We will look to expand this line  of products significantly over time.Yet we already have some really good focus supplements and energy supplements products that are highly effective for boosting focus and boosting energy. Plus they are fun to use!
  • A M M P D - Incredible High Levels Energy that are Sustained for Long Periods of Time
  • Green Velocity Energy Drink - Natural Energy Drink Powder
  • B12 Drops
  • Anti Anxiety
  • CoQ10
  • F O C I
  • Green Energy Protocol Bundle Kit
  • Velocity Brains
  • Coconut Oil (can provide high powered energy)
  • Fish Oil
  • Krill Oil
  • Sleep Formula (a great energy boost is to simply get enough sleep)
  • ZZ Recoup ("sleep faster" help support faster recuperation while sleeping)
  • Moringa (iron - oxygenaton -energy)
  • Testosterone Booster Related

Boost Focus Supplements - Boost Energy Supplements

Velocity F O C I

Velocity F O C I (FOCI) helps provide "hyper energy" with cognition enhancing properties to help provide high levels of energy and focus that we like to use when we need to get a lot of work done, especially creative work. Velocity F O C I gives an energy boost and focus boost or the sake of being able to focus on one thing or do many things at the same time due to the heightened and even keel type of energy charge.
Obtain incredible amounts of focus and energy through our AMMPD focus and energy supplement. This supplement helsp us get a lot more things done. It works for hours and hours and hours! In fact it's so effective it kind of reminds me of that movie called Limitless in a way. My energy remains high and my ability to do multiple things at the same time increases quite a bit! If you are into natural focus and energy supplements store energy for that matter try AMMPD! I think you're really going to like it. (Note: Follow the dosage on the bottle! It's strong! Always want to start small and then see from there.)

Velocity Charger B12 Drops

1200 micrograms of vitamin B12. Supercharged energy. Sublingual drops. Additional B vitamins for coordinating support.

Green Coffee Bean has many health benefits. It can also help block fat absorption too. Green coffee bean extract has been clinically proven to help assist people in losing excess body fat.

Sleep Formula

Our sleep formula can help you sleep. Having a full night of sleep is very important towards having a sharp mind that can focus and get things done. The body needs to run its "clean-up processes" and restoration cycles at night and you need the body to run it's full cycle if you want to have maximal health, focus and energy.
Also going through a full sleep cycle helps reset your hormones. Without enough sleep you could have increased cortisol levels which makes you fatter and gets you to eat foods that make you even fatter while causing struggles in focus & energy.


COQ10 can even dramatically boost your energy with the right dosage by sparking the production and your body of ATP. CoQ10 recharges the energy production system in your body. CoQ10 recharges the heart enabling the heart to pump blood more efficiently. While at the same time CoQ10 can also help eliminate free radicals that are byproducts of energy production in the body..   If you're feeling weak and tired it's like you're running on weak batteries so therefore consider charging up your batteries with adequate amounts of CoQ10.. Once your batteries are charged you could see dramatic boost in energy which will translate into all sorts of other benefits.

N.O. Superchargerr

N.O. Super Charger is like a "pre-workout formula in a pill" without the extra junk and artificial sweeteners, flavors and coloring. It contains L-Arginine, l-Arginine AKG, l-Citrulline, l-Citrulline Malate extract and Beta Alanine And when you need to conquer various projects, NO Super Charger may be the boost you need to get things done.


Moringa is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially plant based iron, the correct form of iron we humans need (not metal based iron). Greens supplementation, like moringa, can help alkalize and cleanse the body while reducing acid build up in the body thereby helping one feel more energized.
African Mango Complex Diet Drops is loaded with energy increasing factors that may give you a boost that you like. Try it out. Plus, no pills to swallow for those of you who do not like swallowing pills.

Velocity Brains

Velcotiy BRAINS is arguably one of the most comprehensive brain health support formulas on the market. Check out the ingredients. The formula contains, for starters, a broad spectrum of brain health and performance vitamins and minerals. Then, in the proprietary blend, Velocity BRAINS formula is loaded with brain "super charger" supplement ingredients.  If you've done some studies on foods and supplements that are beneficial to brain health and performance then you may be quite excited about this formula. Ultimately you're just going to have to try Velocity BRAINS for yourself. We are very happy with this formula for our own use  And we can say from own experience that Velocity BRAINS has had a very positive impact on our productivity performance.
Velocity INFERNO is one of our preworkout drink that has a nice zing of focus and energy.  Careful, this one sneaks up on  you with fierce energy.  This can be used as a preworkout or for focus at work by sipping throughout the day. 
Creatine monohydrate is well-proven and well tested supplement to help you increase energy by increasing ATP in the body. This is one of the most well studied and clinically tested performance and energy supplements on the planet and is also considered one of the safest and most effective. If you are looking to gain muscle as well then this is one of the best supplements that is proven to work if you use it the right way.

Hormone Based Supplements for Energy, Focus and More Agressiveness for Productivity Sake

When hormones are out of balance it can be hard to focus and energy is usually low. For example, for men,  low  energy levels are often equated with low testosterone levels upon examination.   Low testosterone levels or imbalanced hormone levels can lead to focus and mood issues for sure if you've ever experienced those yourself.  In order to accurately optimize hormones you'll certainly want to get together with a knowledgeable healthcare professional who can monitor and advise you in an optimal direction. Here are some popular formulas for testosterone boosting, estrogen draining and hormone balancing herbal supplements below.

Velocity T Testosterone Booster

Veloci-T is a formulation specifically targeting the support of testosterone levels in men, naturally. It would be a benefit to research the ingredients to understand how they have particular benefit for male support and male testosterone support.

V.MAN Libido Charger

V.MAN Libido Charger is designed for men. This has become libido booster formula complex. Men have been having challenges these days from high stress and high chemical contamination including many estrogen mimickers that have been distracting manhood in addition to other factors. This formulation has also been used in concepts of, well look at the picture on the label. Consider this formula's ingredients because It is loaded with many powerful male vitality, libido and testosterone support components. Try and see for yourself - you may get a "kick" out of it. V.MAN Libido Charger may be able to do wonders for your marriage. See our Horny Goatweed Complex for women's libido support.

T+E- Testosterone Boost - Estrogen Drainer

T+E- Testosterone Boost - Estrogen Drainer. Testosterone support and estrogen cleansing is ideal type of supplement these days that is needed in today's world of suppressed testosterone and exaggerated estrogen levels. There are various factors and chemicals, even estrogen mimickers chemicals that have been increasing estrogen levels across the board causing all sorts of havoc in men in particular but women also. Additionally this is an ideal bodybuilding type of supplement whereas most bodybuilders want to increase testosterone while reducing their estrogen four more manly results.

ZZ Recoup

Getting a good night's sleep is most certainly important and effective for helping you focus.  But what's even better is having amplified recuperation of your body and mind while you sleep. This ZZ RECOUP  formula is designed to do such a thing.
ZZ RECOUP - is a smart addition for a high performance lifestyle. This formula is a set of amino acids that are known by bodybuilders for accelerating recuperation. Drake's the repair of body tissues so you can be operating at full capacity much more quickly after a workout or any type of strenuous activity including your job.

Organic Ashwaghanda

Ashwagandha known benefits when it comes to focus:  helps control cortisol levels, helps reduce stress and anxiety, helps boost mood, helps boost testosterone which can help a more aggressive focus, is known to improve brain function and memory
Organic Ashwaganha - Withania somnifera -Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that has many benefits. Ashwagandha been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, boost immune system, help reduce cortisol levels, help with stress and Anxiety, provide mood boosting support, provide testosterone support, provide infertility support, provide support for an increase of muscle mass and strength, provide support for inflammation reduction.


This is a Tribulus only formula for those who are big fans of Tribulus and want to focus in on maximizing the returns they get from using tribulus. Tribulus promotes male fertility, testosterone levels, libido, readiness and urinary tract function to name some of its benefits.

Fats Based Supplements for Energy

Coconut Oil Supplements

Due to the medium chain triglyceride fats in particular provide surprisingly a lot of energy. Have you ever tried baking or cooking with a lot of Virginc oconut oil where is it  coconut oil is part of the mixture? If you have you've likely experience a tremendous energy boost coupled with a sustained type of energy that can actually get kind of intense wall helping provide focus. You won't know until you try!  

On that note it's a little rough taking coconut oil straight.  A lot of people don't like the texture! So these coconut oil pills certainly are very convenient.
Organic virgin coconut oil has been clinically proven to burn fat, help you lose weight it's own while doing or changing nothing else. It may seem strange that fat can help you burn fat but it's true and clinically proven. You can find the research online. Sure your coconut oil is unrefined unprocessed virgin coconut oil. Now on the other hand eating coconut oil straight is kind of rough. So therefore these coconut oil supplement pills are very convenient. Coconut oil has many many benefits that have been well publicized. Additionally coconut oil can provide a lot of energy, surprising amounts of energy. This is a great supplement to use as a habit.
Krill oil and omega-3 fish oils can be part of the overall regiment that's needed for focus and sustained focus and energy. 
Krill oil is a more efficient and different type of Omega-3 supplement. Krill oil has certain absorbability factors that make it extra potent. Krill oil in particular has been shown to significantly reduce fat buildup in the liver and the Heart. Krill oil is also very potent another Health supporting factors and is also a powerful antioxidant. Krill oil has a whole host of benefits including blood sugar support, and nerve support, liver support, eye support, cholesterol support, skin health support... Additionally krill considered Superior over fish oil in many ways as well.
Fish oil is well-known for brain support. Omega-3 fatty acids are an important component for nourishing many things related to focus and cognitive abilities.

Fish oil supplementation has many known benefits including the support of weight loss. Omega-3 fish oil helps balance the body's fat ratios between the different Omega fats and fatty acids which is a big deal these days since fat ratios tend to be very much out of line. Fish oil benefits are well-known and are tremendous. Fish oil helps build muscle, reduce inflammation, lower LDL cholesterol in addition to host of other benefits. Additionally fish oil reduces body fat mass and stimulates lipid oxidation, digestion with ample supplementation as shown from studies.