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Essential Nutrients Means that Those Nutrients are Essential, Daily


Not many people know that there are nutrients that are essential to take into the body every day for us humans. If they are “essential nutrients” that means the body cannot produce them from other nutrients.

Essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids to name a few that you need to intake on a daily basis.  And then you have the super nutrients that are found in various herbs. 

Unfortunately most people these days due to convenience foods don’t even come close to taking the essential nutrients they need on a daily basis. They even take in a bunch of toxins and foods that end up causing damage and clogs in the body.

So if you are taking toxins and you are missing essential nutrients guess what you’re setting yourself up for? That’s right! Problems, and lots of them.  Yes that is the formula to arguably the roots of skyrocketing modern health problems.

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