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Did You Know that if You Have Toxins in Your Body that Your Body Can Not Work Correctly? 

And Did You Know if Your Body Isn’t Working Correctly then The Body Starts Falling Apart Creating All Sorts of Health Problems?

Now this sounds super obvious but many people don’t consider this possibility… the tragedy of our educational systems and media. A lot of people think that, ‘Everything is just fine and dandy and there are no such things as toxins… ‘ Or maybe they just want to think that and not be bothered.  Doesn’t matter.  We can ignore gravity too, but it’s still there and it’s going to cause a very large problem if you ignore it too.

Have you ever tried or heard about the concept of putting other stuff inside of your car’s gasoline tank instead of gasoline? Yes if you put the wrong stuff in your gas tank you could ruin your car’s engine or even worse (kaboom!)!

If you poured a bunch of coconut oil down in your car’s engine since maybe you think it could work because coconut oil gives you a lot of energy (l o l) then what will probably happen to your engine? Well I’ll bet you that engine will NOT work! (side note: Do not try pouring coconut oil down your gas tank, it was just a ridiculous example!)

Well when your body has a lot of substances in it that clogged up your body’s machine, your body is not going to work well. And the problem is these days a lot of people don’t know they have so many of these toxins in their bodies that are in the way of their body operating correctly.

Now our bodies are quite resilient but there’s a limit, so therefore if we’re smart we’ll look to help the body remove these toxins. On that note  you may want to consider a very smart detox supplement that we call V.TOX. We like this blend a lot! Plus it has binders find to the toxins and to pull the toxins all the way out of the body. Find this with our Velocity Vitality Foods Based Multivitamins which also has different kinds of cleansers and binders in it. And on top of that it’s a good idea to look into throwing in some extra Chlorella.

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