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"Why should I buy from Velocity Supplements?" Well these supplement are what we use and what we like a lot to the point that we started to sell them. They are our own personal use favorites. Plus we've been testing supplements for over three decades and what we have a lot of experience and what we are saying is very solid.

We make all sorts of supplement, herbal protocols and these supplements have been very effective and potent, even better in many cases than most other supplement companies that we've tried over time. We have some excellent blends too that we're extra proud of.

Yes we are excited about our own supplements. It's actually fun and exciting for us to take our own supplements because we know the health boost these supplements give us.

We have used supplements help us overcome a lot of different problems over time and prevent many. We can't give you supplement advice etc. etc. but there are many knowledgeable healthcare professionals out there that can give you supplement advise if you are their patient. And since everyone has a different health  scenario it's a smart idea coordinate with someone who can assess your personal health scenario using different tests and measurements to help you get on a smart supplement plan or use supplements for a specific reason, to achieve a certain health goal.

  1. "What Supplements Should I Take? "  this is a big question. Most people don't  have any idea what to take.
    1. We can not tell you what to take but we can tell you what we like and what we take.  And we use pretty much every supplement we sell, personally.   What helps a lot of people is to look at our focus "protocol bundle" pack to get a sense of what is considered good to use for a particular health interest target
    2. Nutrient needs will change to meet certain health goals but core nutrients remain the same.    We've assembled some core nutrient bundle kits for organizing what we thing is needed from our line of supplements - see our core supplement page.
    3. There is a lot of information, opinion, mis-information by competing industries and companies that certainly confuse people.  From our experience we find it smarter to look at the research, historical use, purposeful use, dosage concepts, quality of item in the supplement, any clinical studies and so on vs. someone's insult, exaggeration, twisting of words or fear mongering.  And we personally have received much benefit from supplements over time helping us achieve various health goals.
    4. You have competing Industries bad-mouthing certain supplements which have been clinically proven overtime.  you have people within the industry selling supplements  saying negative things of other supplements in order to sell their version.
    5. Plus different healthcare professionals will emphasize different supplements. And other Healthcare professionals who don't know much at all about nutrition or supplementation will give their opinion because they read it in an article somewhere.
    6. But if you really want to find the accurate answer,  the total exact answer of what you should and could be taking  then you would want to work with a  knowledgeable healthcare professional that specializes in natural nutrition and supplementation and has proven to do so effectively.  An appropriate health care professional can also monitor you through blood tests  and other tests to identify any missing nutrients needs  or any other imbalances in order to get you back into an  optimal healthy balance.   Plus if you have certain health performance goals a knowledgeable Healthcare professional would be able to direct you towards appropriate supplements and the appropriate amounts to meet your  health goals. Otherwise these days it's very easy to access a lot of information online including clinical  testing from around the world regarding various supplements,  herbs, roots, seeds, fruits, berries, peels, bark, leaves, oils etc.
    7. We formed our own supplement company in order to cell supplements that we like to take. We take our own supplements because we like them the best. Say this because we've tried countless other brands over the decades, and although there are many good brands out there we like ours because they are solid. By starting our own supplement company we now know what's in our supplements better.
    8. Make sure you join our newsletter because we have plans to launch many new supplements and supplement formula and drink powders over time.
  2. "What are Supplements Exactly?" Most natural supplements are essentially food.   Actually you can call most supplements "salad".   very healthy salads are made up of leaves,  roots,  fruits,  berries,  seeds,  oils,  vegetables,  bark (ie  cinnamon), peels, herbs...So this is why the supplement industry is not regulated because supplements are considered food,  even the extracts.
  3. "How are Velocity Supplements better or as good as others?"  We think so because we take our own supplements.  A primary reason for starting our own supplement company was to know what's in our supplements. Our supplements are produced in FDA-registered facilities made in the USA  which means they meet quality standards.  Our supplements as indicated per bottle or also third-party tested by our manufacturers for potency and purity which is important.  Also our supplements are produced in the USA as indicated on the bottles.   Additionally one of the main reasons that we started this supplement company besides helping a lot of people and their health  was to take these supplements ourselves so we had supplements we knew well and we're well tested. And since we like our own supplements we feel good about offering them to you for sale. So in short,  you can feel good about our supplements because we feel good about or supplements based on our own experience.
  4. How much of a supplement should I take? There is a suggested use on each bottle which are basically general instructions for the "average individual".  This implies that the suggested use is a minimal dosage for general application.  Some labels may say that you can take the suggested dosage multiple times a day.  Some supplements have limits, such as stimulants. . These dosages are not tuned in for any particular health goal whereas if someone was targeting to boost the health of a particular factor  of their body they may take more of a certain supplement as their protocol from their healthcare professional suggests.   For example a hundred twenty pound female will likely take less of a certain supplement dosage versus a 250 lb bodybuilder who would usually need more.
  5. Also in coordination with your knowledgeable health care professional you may want to experiment with different dosages and reference other's experience.  Also you can look for clinical studies for varying dosage use with particular natural substances.
  6. "What Supplements Should I Take?"  Again we're not allowed to recommend.  Your health care professional is the one to tell you what you "should" take.  Here's what we like:  You can see our core starter nutrients program here for what we've designed for ourselves. That said what we have  organized supplements into "protocol bundles" to group supplements into a thematic bundle (with a special discount) . Now we use the term protocol broadly in this sense. This is not some sort of  assignment or "prescription"  it's essentially a grouping of supplements that are related to a cause or an end goal.   So therefore based on knowledge, understanding and research of various supplements that have available, we have grouped together related supplements based on known benefits related to the theme of the bundle.    If you feel like you need more clarity please let us know. The best way to contact us is through joining our newsletter and replying to any of the emails sent.
  7. "Well let me ask this way then what would you  guys take for getting started in trying to have good health with supplements?"   Okay we can answer this one in terms of what we would take or  in terms of what we do take.  Firstly  different people have different needs and goals and those goals will fluctuate even day to day.    Becoming proficient with supplements in our opinion is like adding a mini super power to yourself.   But to answer this question we have made some core health bundles. 
  8. With the core supplement bundles have three approaches:  1.  The men's approach starting with Velocity Man Men's Multi 2. The woman's approach VWoman Women's Multi 3.  The super nutrient approach with our Velocity Vitality Foods Based Vitamins.
  9. What's the difference between the 3 multi vitamins? Velocity Vitality Foods Based Vitamin is a much more robust vitamin and it is for men or women. The men's and women's formulas  are tuned in to  men and women respectively but they are more moderate  multivitamins meaning that they don't have as much stuff in them when compared to Velocity Vitality Foods Based Multi which  is good if one takes a lot of different supplements.
  10. What"How many different supplements can I take?"  well of course we can give you advice or prescription as you know only your personal healthcare professional can do that since they can measure and monitor your health. But to answer your question  in terms of  quantities of different supplements i.e. " can I take 30 different supplements per day or more?"...
    1. What does your body lack?
    2. What does your physical body crave or "tell" you need (and that's a physical body crave vs. an emotional crave)?
    3. We tend to take lots of supplements, LOTS of supplements and feel SUPER with full functionality (if not even enhanced functionality) and lots of energy.  And some of the healthiest people we have known  even through their 90's, over the years, took LOTS and lots of supplements every day.
    4. We do not try to take  hoards of supplements all at once  but rather paste them throughout the day, a bit here and a bit there.
    5. You don't want to take too many supplements at once stuffing your stomach,  because that results in a negative experience and eventually you'll associate negative experience with taking supplements. Then you'll end up stop taking supplements and miss out on the nutrients you want and need. For an idea we just take our supplements put them on our work desk and simply take if you here in a few there. That process works great for us.
    6. The suggested use instructions on the bottle will tell you what's considered to be an optimal average (or minimum dosage) for nutrient uptake. Certainly, some supplements like enzymes require strict timing whereas most others do not.  We like to start small and build. Ideal dosage is key to getting supplements deliver you the results you desire. 
    7. Supplements are not drugs (Pharmaceuticals). Drugs are chemicals,  they are not synergistic with the body; they are not natural.   Drugs can be extremely interactive and disruptive in the body.  Drugs also come with all sorts of side effects  that you can easily hear rattled off on any drug TV commercial.  There may be some conflict between a drug and a supplement.   Often what we see is that the supplement will negate a drug, which is interesting. Consult those who gave you the pharmaceutical drug on interactions and indications with supplements. You can do your own research about this but rarely is there is a conflict between a natural supplement to another natural supplement of which we know.
    8. Now a natural supplement would be one that has been  approved for use with solid research behind it and historical use.  Of course the term " natural supplement"  doesn't mean just anything  found in nature for example you wouldn't take poison ivy as a supplement! But the good news is that there's a broad spectrum of supplements that have been used in sold for decade upon decade.   Additionally most  supplements you see on the market have been used  in ancient medicines for millennia.  And supplements are not "regulated" like drugs because supplements are considered food.  That said there is indeed a certain level of regulation by supplement manufacturers that are FDA certified and of course there is third party testing that manufacturers can use to test purity and potency of their base ingredients and finished products, as our manufacturers say they do.
    9. The funny thing is tens if not hundreds of millions of people have had no problem taking illicit drugs sold by some random person but then become very apprehensive with supplements.  That doesn't make sense does it.  Apprehension with supplements as likely caused from competitor, hit piece articles and other media negative promotion.  And hey they are a business and they put a lot of money into what they do  so they are trying to defend their business.   On the other hand lots of health sites trash the pharma industry especially over stats like pharma drugs kill somewhere near 300,000 people a year and natural supplements-ZERO as been reported and you may want to research those stats yourself.  That said, if you are an acute scenario needing emergency remedy then you are going to need a pharmaceutical drug  for speed's sake, at least in this society. Therefore you as a customer  need to do your own research and don't just blindly follow what's told to you or stated in some article,  or even told to you by a natural health writer or told to you buy some person off the street  trying to sell you some illicit drug... Do your own research.  Find what works.  
  11. "What supplements products are recommended for everyday and always habits"?  Well we can't "recommend" but for every day and always habits we've assembled the Core Nutrition Starter Kits
  12. Best products for man boobs?  See the De-Wussification bundle and the Estrogen Cleanse Bundle
  13. Best products to look younger?  Yes see our Anti Aging and Youthful Skin bundle kits
  14. Best products to lose belly fat?  We've assembled weight loss bundles and "ripped" bundles to assist with losing belly fat, fat burning and weight loss in general.     See our bundle kits page.
  15. Best products for prostate health?  We have a prostate supplements category here. 
  16. Best products for brain health?   See the brain bundle kit for our favorites. 
  17. Best products for focus and concentration?  We have a few focus bundle kits here - look into trying those. 
  18. Best products to feel happy?  Lol.  Well maybe getting the right nutrients can make you feel happier as they do for us.   I would look at the core nutrition bundles because one needs all the essential nutrients for other factors to work in the body.  Increase fats . Detox to help get the bad stuff out.    And energy supplements are fun.       We also have supplements that deal with mood. 
  1. "Best supplements to help make me smarter?"  Brain health supplements, focus and energy supplements, in addition to vision support supplements and mood boosting supplements could be what you're looking for.
  2. Best products to make me better looking?  Our skin section.  Here is our Men's Skin care section.Here is our Men's Beard sectionYou'll need core nutrients and a detox program too.   Also here is our hair section.  
  3. Any products for beards and the skin under the beard?
  4. What products can make my hair grow?
  5. What products can help me out thicker hair?
  6. What products can help me grow my hair back from my balding spots?
  7. What products can I use to keep my blood sugar in range?
  8. What products can I use to lower my blood sugar because it's high?
  9. What products can I use to increase my "libido" to help out my marriage?
  10. Are there any products to increase women's libido?
  11. What are the best vitamins I should take?.
  12. Do you have a men's versus a woman's vitamin?
  13. What supplements should I take to boost my immune system?
  14. Do dog I need supplements? Ones are the best ones?
  15. My testosterone is low do you have any herbal testosterone boosters?
  16. What supplements should I take if I want to get ripped?
  17. What supplements should I take if I want to grow my muscles fast?
  18. What supplements should I take if I need to lose weight fast?
  19. What supplements should I take if I want to recuperate from a workout fast?
  20. What supplements should I take if I want to recuperate from an injury fast?
  21. For joint pain what are the best supplements to take?