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Collagen Capsules are Easier to Take Versus Drink Powders.  This Makes it More Likely that You'll Stick to a Collagen Boosting Habit vs. Quick Quickly, which is What Occurs often When Trying to Get Your Collagen from Smoothies...

And Better Yet!   Your Body Needs ALL 5 Types of Collagen, Collagen Peptides (which is better).  Most Collagen Powders for Smoothies Are Usually Only Collagen Type II Only or Type I & III.   We Have a Collagen Capsules Solution for You that Gives You ALL 5 Types of Collagen in One, Clean, Easy, Almost No Work, Done in a Few Seconds Collagen Solution.   Free Yourself from the Burden of Blenders!  


You Need Your Collagen But... Smoothies Are a Lot of Work...

Collagen powder is the way most people have taken their collagen in the past, including that hideous tasting bone broth powder.

Collagen powder is great to use if you are willing to take the effort to make a smoothing and then clean up after making that smoothie, which in many cases, can be even more work than making the smoothie.

And okay some people may think that's not much work but it's enough work to prevents habitually using collagen supplementation. And since collagen supplementation is so utterly beneficial to your whole body health, particularly if you're using all five major types of collagenoh, you don't want anyting in your wayoh, you don't want anything to psychologically get you off track from habitually, daily taking that collagen.

So that means that by only relying on smoothies for collagen intake we have found that almost every time and through every attempt, although well-meaning, the Smoothie habit usually quickly Fades away. And then so we found ourselves missing out on collagen intake which was not good.

So the good news today is that we found these gray collagen capsules that has all 5 types of major collagen types.

And so we wanted to tell you more about it in our collagen educational series. Sign up below and we'll start sending you to College in education, anti-aging tips and ultra health tips, education, studies, and solutions.

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