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Chlorella for Detox - Chlorella Supplements

Chlorella for Detoxing – Why Is it Considered One of the Best


Chlorella is a single celled fresh water algae. What is algae? It’s nature’s cleaner! It cleans lakes! It also help clean you! Chlorella is considered to be very safe.  . It’s also considered to preserve your nutrients and not cling onto your nutrients as some binders detoxifiers do.  Actually, many say chlorella is one of the best body detoxifiers there is. 

Also chlorella itself is loaded with vitamins and minerals, protein as well that can help provide great nourishment for the body. Chlorella also has a lot of chlorophyll which is fantastic for the body.

Broken wall chlorella is the way to go. We have broken wall chlorella supplements here in capsule form that are easy to take. Another easy form of chlorella supplementation is to get the power form and put it in your smoothies for when you make smoothies. That makes it easier to take more Chlorella when you want to detox.

You’ll want to check with your healthcare professional for you do any cleansing endeavor. Also it’s considered very important make sure  your hydration and electrolytes, your general mineral mineral levels are high which is a standardized concept that goes along with doing any sort of detoxification program. 

But then again, that mention is usually in regards to doing a cleansing PROGRAM, here we are just looking to add Chlorella Supplements onto our daily health habit regiment.  

So just adding chlorella to your daily supplement regimen isn’t a full blown detoxification program. A detoxification program is more robust and substantial, more dramatic and harsh that involves multiple components. By just using chlorella as a daily super health habit supplement, according to various articles and research studies, we can detox out a little by a little. Check knowledgeable healthcare professional to work something out about your chlorella supplementation regimen.


  • Detoxes and binds to heavy metals and chemicals that shouldn’t be in the body; then it carries them out of the body.
  • Chlorella adds important vitamins an minerals like iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and more which are all great for many benefits and especially blood cell health.
  • Chlorella provides chlorophyll for the body which has many health benefits including increasing the oxygenation of tissues in the body. 

Additionally chlorella is in our VTOX multipurpose detox formula which has a broad spectrum cleansing approach to the whole body. We like that supplement also because it takes this broad approach that is little by little. We would rather get into a detoxification habit versus just relying on doing some dramatic detox which can be quite disruptive to daily life.

And relying on the drama detox vs. using daily, smaller detox habits, doesn’t seem as wise or effective.  Why? Because relying on big detoxes promotes the mindset that one can have bad habits and then do a drama detox later.   It’s not good to do bad things to the body and then hope to fix it later.  And usually, bad health habits win.  

So Instead Check Out Our:

Chlorella Supplement – Broken Wall Chlorella Detox

VTOX Multipurpose Detox Supplement, Maintenance Cleanse & Colon Cleanse

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