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Check Out Are New VBONES – Bones Strength Booster Formula

I’ve been doing studying, experimentation with higher does vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 MK7 and some MK4. Additionally we added calcium and magnesium, with some other mineral supplements and the results of the absolutely astounding. There is much to talk about on this topic we’ll do later but I can tell you right away that the strength of my teeth have increased in considerably and the tooth sensitivity and weakness on a particular side of my mouth that came from years of brushing too hard (an error now corrected) in addition to eating lots of dried Fruit on a regular basis has been reversed, completely! Very happy!

The great news is that in our new bones formula you have 5,000 (125 mcg) IU of vitamin D3, 100mcg of K-2 mk7 (good – puts the calcium into  your bones and teeth instead of leaving it in the blood), 200 mg calcium AND 5mg of Bioperiene black pepper extract to help boost absorption of all nutrients even further.  This is a great formula that could give your bones and teeth strength a real boost, in addition to a vast spectrum of other health benefits.  

Don’ overlook this bones formula! Starting a new VBONES habit may be ONE of the healthiest things you do!   More info to come on this powerful combination!

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