Why Would You Take Velocity Vitality Vitamins Multivitamins Versus Other Multivitamins?

Velocity Vitality vitamins from my own experience make me feel the best.  And isn’t what makes you feel the best really the bottom line for picking your ideal multivitamin?!

And I’ve pretty much tried everything, although there or new vitamins rolling out here and there from time to time.

A lot of vitamins are taking the past make me feel like I took nothing or that I just swallowed plastic. Did you know that those popular mainstream Vitamins out there are said to not even become digested into your body but end up clogging up septic tanks and are found in mass piles of the bottom of porta potties fully intact? Disgusting isn’t it.

You’ll see how quickly Velocity Vitality food-based multivitamins dissolve even in water. Plus you’ll start to right away and you’ll know that they work!

Also what I like about these vitamins is that the tablets are small. They’re easy to swallow. That’s important because a lot of other super nutrient packed vitamins out there have “horse pill” size tablets would are not pleasant to take and scare a lot of people. You don’t want to be scared about taking a multivitamin! You need multivitamins especially these days!

I think what makes these vitamin so great is the whole synergistic blend of so many powerful ingredients. It really works and Velocity Vitality multis really makes me feel good, feeling like I’ve come alive.

Taking these Velocity Vitality food-based multivitamins remind me of Underdog. You know, the cartoon? You’re old enough,  you may remember Underdog! Underdog gained superpowers when he took a vitamin pill that was in his ring. He could fly and he got really strong etc. and basically became like Superman.

Feature-wise, Velocity Vitality food-based multivitamins have essentially “the kitchen sink” of healthy ingredients: Your minerals, your vitamins, whole food co-factors from over 42 fruits and vegetables in powder form, digestive enzymes, superfoods like spirulina algae & wheatgrass, binders like chlorella chlorophyll psyllium husk apple pectin and peat extract, ample iodine from kelp, probiotics, immune boosting from most all of the ingredients in the blend, brain health boosting from gotu Kola and choline. to help the brain cells multiply, plus of course the all important broad spectrum of essential nutrients needed for optimal functionality of the human body everyday… And so on and so forth …  We can can go on for hundreds of pages if we start breaking down the benefits of each nutrient.

Ultimately the top most decision maker on a multivitamin for most people is how it makes them feel. These Velocity Vitality food-based multivitamins make me feel the best and complete. These multivitamins make the worry of me getting enough nutrients everyday disappear. And that’s important!

I would try them if I were you.  At least try them.  I think you’ll be very glad you did.   Yes we have autoship too and at discount if you really like them.   Check out the sales page here.