Hair Follicles Are Our Friends – Time to Stop Treating Them as Enemies

Men's Hair Loss

A lot of people are struggling with their hair in that are struggling with hair loss.

Then they are told a bunch of different things related to how they need this treatment of that treatment while the basic fundamentals of what actually creates hair in the body are overlooked.

There are many factors that go into making sure your hair is being produced,  being healthily produced, unimpeded, even into old age.   One of those important factors is  nutrition.   

Hair follicles need certain nutrients in order to be able to actually produce hair.   Shocking isn’t it!  You don’t produce hair from thin air!   Thought I’d throw that in there.

There are many substances that go into play for feeding the hair follicles. But in modern times,  certain essential nutrients are not being taken in by people on average and this leads to a variety of problems –  and one of those problems is poor hair production.

You’re going to need a certain amount of nutrients from your foods.   You’re going to need essential nutrients such as certain vitamins and minerals. 

There are also “super hair nutrients”, herbs,  studied and associated with helping boost the health of hair follicles to help hair follicles and get back in the business of producing hair.  Yes there are super hair herbs associated with helping regrow hair from baldness to even restoring the natural,  youthful color of hair.  

We have a hair boosting supplement formula that provides essential nutrients and super herbal nutrients for helping inspire the growth, the regrowth of hair, while helping nourish your functioning hair follicles with nutrients to make healthy hair.

Supplementation is an easier way to get nutrients in. That said, we all still have to eat food so you may want to start looking into finding the foods that can help boost the nutrients that your hair needs for optimal hair generation.

Also you may want to start looking into the negative factors that inhibit hair growth and cause poor health to the hair follicles. A lot of people are doing negative things to their hair follicles as well, in addition to not providing the hair follicles the nutrients they need.

Fortunately you have MHAIR Hair Vitamins – Hair Growth &  Health Supplement formula to the rescue to help you establish a nice new habit of helping  boost the health of the hair.

Check out more info on MHAIR Hair Vitamins – Hair Growth &  Health Supplement formula.  Also listen to the video below.

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Collagen Supplementation for Hair Health? Yes Indeed

Help Your Hair with Direct Collagen Supplementation Giving Your Hair Every Chance to Succeed

Collagen type 5, which we have in our Collagen PRO formula, helps form new hair! You can give yourself a direct boost by taking the supplemental form of collagen type 5.

Collagen has the amino acid proline in which is the main component of keratin, your hair protein; keratin is the main protein that makes up your hair. Collagen also acts as an antioxidant which could be cross correlated into helping preserve the hair follicles in addition to helping prevent the graying of hair. Collagen also goes in to help support the skin in general but also the skin of the scalp.

Collagen is also indirectly a hair health booster in that it helps heal the gut which then goes on to translate to better nutrient absorption which translates to better hair. Many nutrients are needed for healthy hair from proteins to vitamins to minerals… And overtime, if you not absorbing your nutrients efficiently than your hair follicles are becoming starved, malfunctioned or die out.

Collagen supplementation is also associated with healthier shiny or looking hair.

See this study:

Supplementation collagen peptides improve nail growth and hair growth. 

For hair health we also have several hair supplements and bundle kits that can also help boost your hair health and growth potentially inspiring regrowth of lost hair.

Hair growth needs many nutrients as component part mechanisms to execute the process that is involved and creating great hair. There are many nutrients involved but collagen is one in addition to protein, in general, is another. Broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals will be needed as well as component parts. Additionally there are certain herbs that can help inspire the growth of your hair and accelerate that growth.

Check out Collagen PRO here. Check out are hair oils which are essentially super nutrient oils in a serum for the scalp (how to make oily!). See our hair vitamin formula here. And you can see our hair growth and health bundle kits here.

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