Collagen Peptides Capsules for Antiaging

Collagen Peptides Capsules for Antiaging

Collagen Peptides Capsules for Antiaging Can Be a Solution that Can Work in that You’d Be Getting 5 Types of Collagen Peptides is a Really Easy Way in Just a Few Seconds a Day…

Using collagen peptide capsules for anti-aging is certainly a tool to have in your anti-aging arsenal even, as a daily habit.

One of the key factors that show signs of aging is collagen breakdown. Collagen breakdown in the skin shows aging on the skin. Collagen breakdown in the bones and joints create instability in the body and a decrease in agility where one starts to make statements about how old they are.

The thing about using collagen for anti-aging is that you need to have all the different types that will go to work and helping you regenerate into a better form.

Another issue is that you need to have enough collagen supplementation in order to get the results you want. You have to define what you’re going for if you are looking to achieve a certain Health go or aesthetic goal. Once you determine that goal then you can back engineer out how much collagen you’ll need on a daily basis in combination with any other code factors.

Another issue with aging, is that, if you are continually taking in, encountering, negative substances which age you faster, well, that’s just not going to help your cause in trying to reverse aging in the body. A lot of people don’t want to change their ways. A lot of people don’t know what to do to change their ways exactly in order to stop accelerating aging and to start reversing aging factors in the body. They are very confused these days because there are so many negative things in society that one intakes into their body, from cleaners, to cosmetics, to water, to food and drinks, some of which that are even promoted as health products.

If you keep putting it on and taking in substances that interfere with the body’s physiological process you’re going to have problems not only in the short-term but as in the long-term development as bigger problems build up over time. This means that a lot of people, if not most, have certain habits that are physical body negative and they do those habits overtime. Eventually those habits keep wearing on the body, they keep shaping the body in a negative way that creates a big result, a big negative result happens later.

So therefore it if you’re able to obtain a major negative result or a major negative health problem  overtime by doing negative things that repeatedly add build up into a big negative outcome, then what if we started doing positive habitual things that ended up turning into a very positive and significant outcome? Yes that’s how great things are accomplished. 

It’s also easy to not remember that you started this new positive habit that ended up creating a great positive results later. The same goes with a negative habit. So do keep that in mind. Because once something becomes a habit it goes into the subconscious mind where you don’t necessarily consciously think about it anymore and you can forget that you’re doing it. But don’t forget the power of habit formation.  And look to start establishing health habits, long term health habits that can empower you significantly and get you fantastic results.

Here by using Collagen PRO you have an easy way to take collagen as a habit that takes very little work to do. Otherwise taking collagen in collagen powder form is very annoying and difficult to take because it requires a lot of work making shakes and smoothies and then cleaning up the mess, which gets old really quickly. Here with Collagen PRO  collagen peptide capsules you can simply, in a few seconds, take all five types of collagen peptides. So again it’s very important to take all five types of peptides collagen.  Why is that? Because each type of collagen has its own anti-aging support effect and that is important.

Try some Collagen PRO  collagen peptide capsules  and get started with your own anti-aging collagen habit  using Collagen Peptides Capsules for Antiaging

Get more info here: Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 

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Collagen Peptides Capsules for Antiaging

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How To Restore Collagen

How To Restore Collagen

Restoring Collagen To A More Youthful Level Will Require Changing Habits, Compensating For Any Lack Of Production Due To Age, Identifying Negative Collagen Habits Whether Done By You Or Done On To You From Your Environment All In Combination With Pushing The Balance Of A Healthy Youthful Collagen Matrix In The Body Back Towards Younger Levels.

Here are the basic steps needed for college and restoration in the body:

  1. Stop accelerating the destruction of collagen, your collagen matrices in your body.
  2. Start habits of external collagen degeneration, stimulation.
  3. Start internal habits that provide your body the amino acids of the collagen that is needed within the body so that your body can take those amino acids in ratio and form its own collagen. This is done through direct collagen supplementation.
  4. Start adding other nutrients that stimulate collagen production internally such as various vitamins, minerals and herbs.
  5. Develop a collagen boosting diet that incorporates foods eventually that support maximum collagen production which also eliminates foods that break down collagen

Follow these Daily steps and you’ll be off to a good start.

Please keep in mind that the steps above will require a lot of research and work but is worth it! The good news is that we can help get a head start on collagen boosting through direct collagen supplementation which has the potential to do wonders relatively quickly. That said you’ll still have to incorporate all the other steps in order to reverse and age looked back to a more youthful look.

In terms of direct collagen supplementation  you can get off to a good start with our Collagen PRO collagen peptide capsules has five different primary forms of collagen. Collagen capsules of smooth supplementation is preferred since it’s easy to get. And it is easy to do and therefore it’s easier to turn into a habit. It’s that have mutual things we do that shape who we are and what we look like in addition to our health on the inside.

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Collagen Peptides – 5 Types in a Collagen Peptide Capsule Formula

woman holding her hair while standing under green leaf plant

Bovine Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen Peptides, Chicken Collagen Peptides, Eggshell Collagen Peptides, Avian Sternum Collagen Peptides All in One Capsule…

Collagen peptides are full, original source collagen that is broken down into smaller parts that make the collagen more quickly digestible and assimilable.

Look at the different types of collagen peptides we have below in Collagen PRO

You can see that we indeed have multiple types, multiple sources of collagen making a very convenient to access and just one pill versus trying to get multiple different powders.

  • Bovine Collagen Peptides

  • Marine Collagen Peptides

  • Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Peptides

  • Chicken Collagen Peptides

  • Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides

  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides

  • Eggshell Collagen Peptides

  • Eggshell Membrane Collagen Peptides

  • Avian Sternum Collagen Peptides

And the importance is that once you study the impact, the various clinical studies even on these different types of collagen peptides you realize that there are tremendous benefits involved in taking in these different types of collagen forms.

Now why are we supplementing with collagen peptides again?

Because they provide the exact amino acid ratio for our body to make its own collagen. And that is important because our body will then have the tools, the nutrients, the amino acids more specifically, in the proper ratio in order to go repair and regenerate into more optimal forms the various parts of your body including but not limited to, your skin, your bones, your muscles, your joints, your blood vessels, your gut, your organs,  your eyes etc…. 

Collagen is the glue that holds you together and is 1/3 of your body approximately.   So therefore making sure that the body is reproducing college and is ultra important!

If you are able to help give your body a boost in its collagen production then you can help maintain or increase  optimal physical performance as well as help turn back, reverse, keep that date multiple aging factors.

Yes there are dramatic stories and testimonials that you can easily find showing the result of good collagen supplementation on the reversal of many physical body problems, the reversal of aging appearance,  more lean and toned bodies achieved and weight loss as well.

There are also stories about collagen peptide supplementation helped repair blood  sugar digestion issues and gut health issues. It’s quite fascinating. But once you think about it some, it’s quite logical.

And the main biggest issue that is important is that most people in our opinion should be looking into collagen supplementation because in modern times we have so many anti collagen factors that break down our bodies collagen at accelerated rates.   So people are falling apart at the seams, literally without enough collagen production!

Some claim “that’s the aging process”, but much of what outputs the “aging process” are: 1. Bad habits, even if slight, that break down collagen at accelerated rates.  2. Lack of good habits to compensate for the damage or loss of good things that do actually come with the aging process.    

That’s also why it’s so important to keep on top of your collagen supplementation and use collagen supplements, collagen peptide supplements.  We need to counteract negative things that breakdown our collagen.  And then we need to also compensate for lacks due to aging through…. supplementation!  It’s logical.  It can work.  

Check out our Collagen PRO Collagen peptide capsules for an EASY way to take in 5 different collagen peptide types!

Collagen PRO Collagen Peptides Capsules

Collagen Supplement for Weight Loss & Gut Health

Collagen Supplement for Weight Loss & Gut Health




Have you seen the stories out there how collagen  supplementation has helped many people lose weight automatically? It’s quite fascinating.

Of course that depends on your type of collagen and frequency of use in regards to how that will correlate with your weight loss goals.

But fascinating things happen when you give your body the nutrients it needs to repair and generate on an ongoing basis.

The key concept is:  “an ongoing basis”, of regular habitual supplementation with collagen. Why is that?

Because your body is continually replacing itself. And it needs to be able to regenerate into optimal form. When you have all the nutrients available for your body to regenerate, like collagen, then your body can regenerate into the optimal form.

Speaking of regenerate into optimal form, a lot of people’s gut health is not so good these days.

A lot of people have internal problems because they are not able to regenerate properly, fast enough in order to deal with the various problems they picked up from their environments, their bad eating habits,  their mental and emotional states, their healthcare and so on.   

And this ends up causing problems in the gut area. 

There are many problems that can be had in the gut area. You probably heard of a couple few popular disease names related to gut health out there.   

But did you know that collagen supplementation was related to helping boost gut health? You may want to do some more research if you’re interested in that topic.

One of the problems out and about for those interested in boosting their health is the matter of convenience.

Most collagen supplementation out there is in powdered form. 

You can’t really drink down collagen powder in water. Gross.  It needs to be mixed with other things usually in the shake.   

Well the issue is that all those shakes and smoothies can be a great thing, they take a lot of work and then a lot of cleaning. And so what ends up happening for most people is that they quickly drop their collagen supplementation Habit. And that’s not good!

So what’s the solution?

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

Easy!  Just use collagen capsules!   You can get your collagen in a few seconds a day with no clean up needed.

But if you make collagen supplementation too hard  you know what happens… eventually, nothing!  No collagen coming in to help you lose weight, have good gut health, look younger with great skin, have strong joints and bones etc…

Once you drop your collagen supplementation habit then you’ll miss the benefits and then your body may not be able to  regenerate to optimal and excellent levels.   So use capsules!

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What Are Collagen Peptides?

What Are Collagen Peptides?

A collagen peptide is a collagen proteins broken down into smaller parts. A peptide is considered to have a chain of amino acids between 2 and 50. Proteins can be much bigger.

The concept is that when one takes peptides instead of the whole form collagen, it should more easily digestible and more quickly absorbable. So there has been a hotter trend  for collagen peptides instead of basic collagen proteins or collagen powder supplementation.

So it’s through a process called enzymatic hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolyzation which breaks down collagen from animals into this collagen peptide that many use in supplements.

This journey has been done with whey proteins. We went from regular weight protein, that is full body way protein concentrate, to isolate whey proteins and then hydrolyzed whey protein. The concept was that taking the isolate and then hydrolyzed whey protein was more efficient for absorption, digestion and recuperation. And although there may be some merit to that concept most people ended up going back to the full form concentrate whey proteins because concentrated whey proteins have so many more nutrients that help the whole health of the body, to boost the immune system and to makes the protein powder slightly alkaline forming which is very healthy.

Also collagen peptides is a term used interchangeably with hydrolyzed collagen. The hydrolysis or hydrolyzation  is the processes of how collagen peptides are made.

Collagen peptides are the proteins that we call collagen for collagen supplementation. They come from animals. Whereas instead of letting these parts of the animal go to waste as they used to,  they now put them to use for immense amounts of benefits to the human body.

There are many surprising and shocking stories about even near miraculous sounding recovery and regeneration associated with smart and strategic collagen supplementation hidden out there. Most of the popular collagen supplementation advice floating around doesn’t really even scratch the surface of collagen supplementation potential.

A systematic use of collagen in dosages and repetition can be performed to attain a certain goal with other cofactors can help you make more progress. Also there are absorption booster factors that you can employ in order to help your body produce more collagen.

You can take direct collagen peptide supplementation and that is definitely considered to be the most efficient way to increase your collagen or least the most efficient nutritional approach for increasing your collagen. Collagen peptide supplementation’s means that you are taking in these proteins and then having your body break down these proteins into the amino acids. The amino acids are now they’re available in proper ratio for your body to take in use in order to remake its own collagen.

There are other nutrients that can help boost collagen production such as vitamins and herbs, minerals too.

Additionally in order to accelerate the effects of collagen production in the body in order to attain the goal you want to attain you’ll want to look at various anti-collagen factors to avoid.  There are factors and habits that breakdown your collagen which are usually dietary but also can be related to your environment and its impact upon your skin or your body in that it would be a negative impact to your skin or body.

A well-known negative factor for collagen breakdown for a more accelerated age look in addition to an accelerated breakdown of collagen in the rest of your body would be the use of sugar, refined sugar especially. This is a fairly well-known culprit. But then again you can take sugar, glucose mostly, from a variety of other foods versus just simply refined sugar or sweet treats. Many different types of foods will break down into glucose in the body.

Acid forming diets are another problem. Modern diets are usually acid forming in the body. And as you can imagine acid burns things. Acid breaks down your body. Acid breaks down the collagen in your body. So therefore having a good collagen peptide supplementation program to boost the positive side of things in the body meaning to have the building material so your body can regenerate collagen more rapidly is very important.

And if you want to accelerate the antiaging process you will want to boost the positive collagen factors while reducing or eliminating the negative collagen factors and habits and environments.

An easy way to take in collagen peptides is to take collagen capsules. Here is a brand of collagen capsules that is very popular below. It also provides all five types of collagen so you can take advantage of the efficiency of getting all five types of collagen at once for a total health approach.

Remember for antiaging is not just about your looks! You have to have antiaging on your insides as well! All five types of collagen help address the health of your organs, your veins and arteries, your heart, your gut, your bones, your joints, your eyes and of course your skin…

Additionally many people have experienced incredible weight loss stories with  very strategic collagen supplementation program. You may want to look into some of these testimonials.

Other than that you have collagen peptide powder which can get you more collagen at once but… Collagen doesn’t mix well and water and it doesn’t taste very good. It does not have a good texture to drink on its own.

So the only option for most people is to pull out the blender and make a smoothie. Now that can be great because then you can put in many other nutrients into that smoothie in order to boost your health. But then again that takes work, time, and then time and effort to clean that blender….

So… How About Taking Some Action with a New Collagen Habit?  Here’s the Easy Way – Use Collagen Capsules (instead of drink powder which causes too much work, then turns you off to the process later…): 


Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

Anti-Aging Collagen Supplement

restore collagen in the face

Anti-Aging Collagen Supplement & Antiaging Tips

Part of the problem with aging that causes the aged look is that our collagen matrix falls apart. If you really break it down people look old yes because of gray hair but also because their face looks baggy and you have the wrinkly lines, leathery skin etc. But have you ever wondered why this happens besides the old excuse of “aging”?

If there is a cause for something then there can be a method that targets that cause for reversal, that counteracts that cause.  Have you ever thought of things in this way?

So then instead of just simply accepting “that is part of aging” we can obtain a different mindset instead of going with the herd. And now we can think more in the lines that if something starts to change in the body we just simply compensate for it.

For example if you get colder because the temperature has dropped you wouldn’t say “oh that’s just the way it is… I just need to go along with the Earth or the air-conditioning thermostat…”. No. You either go change the thermostat if you’re indoors or you go get some warmer clothes! You would simply, save for the colder air temperatures around you.

A similar process goes for approaching antiaging, for correcting aging issues.  And we speak from experience.

A lot of people just accept a lot of things without really looking into the causes of why such a thing happen.  Have you ever wondered why the skin on the face and hands can look extra old, weathered and wrinkly whereas the skin on your belly or your bum looks pretty young looking even looking the same as it did when you were teenager?  Have you ever thought about why that is?

Also have you ever thought about your diet as it influences us the looks of your body? Have you also thought about long-term dietary habits of the things you intake and things you are missing from your diet? These are additional factors.



woman in black tank top standing on brown grass field during daytime

All these above-mentioned factors can be compensated for and reversed.  You just need to identify the problem and then come up with a reversal solution and a maintenance habit.

When the collagen matrix falls apart particularly in the face then things start looking shabby pretty quickly.

Fortunately a lot of people have learned how to boost the collagen matrix to help the appearance of aging. Additionally more more discoveries are being made continually in this aspect.

One of the most basic fundamental concepts for helping restore collagen, the collagen matrix, the fibroblasts matrix is to make sure that you have the amino acids available for your body to actually produce collagen proteins so your face and other parts of your body, your skin, your joints, your bones etc. can be rebuilt. 

You see your body doesn’t need and proteins it needs amino acids.  So you can eat foods that have amino acids and then then most students do. But each food has a different amino acid profile. And so then therefore if the foods you eat don’t have all the amino acids in ratio for collagen proteins to be made in the body then your body has a limiting factor on what it can do in terms of collagen regeneration.

So through the chronic habit over time of not supplying the body the foods that have the amino acids in the ratios that your body needs in order to make the collagen proteins in the body then you are going in the chronically insufficient in collagen production in the body and your body will slowly start to age and fall part.

So therefore by actually taking direct collagen supplementation’s you are taking in the amino acids in quantity and in ratios that your body can therefore use to make its own collagen. So by using a collagen supplement your body will break down the collagen supplement into its respective amino acids. The amino acids can then enter the bloodstream and then the bloodstream can take those amino acids around to the right areas for your other body parts to then create the collagen proteins in build the structures within the body to renew the body.  And so therefore as you probably are seeing already, collagen supplementation when done smartly and strategically can have fantastic results in helping multiple factors in the body but also particularly the skin and age reversal looks.

Additionally with the modern diet, the modern diet has tendencies to break the body down collagen in the body at a more accelerated rate. For example you may have heard that sugar breaks down your collagen matrix at an accelerated rate. But also any acid forming, acid pushing foods when chronically eating can accelerate the breakdown of the body and the breakdown of collagen in the body.

On top of that modern diets are horrendously notorious for being low in nutrients. Additionally the nutrient levels are not consistent. it has even been measured that modern foods have a rate of 1/100th of the nutrient mineral content of foods as compared to 50 to 100 years ago due the to modern scammy farming processes.

So what we have this year is an ultimate collagen supplement that has five types the collagen for a complete antiaging approach.  Look  to start your own collagen supplementation habit thereby supplying your body with the amino acids in the proper ratios for more efficient collagen formation and production in your own body for repair and regeneration.

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 3 Pack


Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 6 Pack


You also will want a good diet that gives you focus on raw foods mostly with a spectrum of foods that gives you the quantity of amino acids in a good ratio for your body to use to reassemble into the collagen you need. Because remember any proteins food that you eat will be broken down by the body into amino acids picture file that uses to go till the proteins it needs according to studies and various researchers.

Additionally we have topical skincare to address the boosting of collagen in the face. Check out these collagen boosting skincare products below:

Instant Face Lift Cream – Velocity SKIN

Velocity SKIN Anti-Aging Cream


Moisturizer for Anti-Aging

Phytoceramides Complex Anti-Aging Beauty Supplement

Velocity C – Vitamin C Serum Formula – 20% Vitamin C – 98% Natural



Best Collagen Supplements

Best Collagen Supplements…

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Here Are the Best Collagen Supplements in Our Opinion …Why?

Because firstly, supplementing with collagen powder where you  scoop out the powder and drink down the powder one way or another is kind of cumbersome, gross and disturbing to many people. Of course you can mix it in with a protein shakes,  if you’re into making protein shakes. But a lot of people find it much easier just taking collagen capsules, collagen pills.

Now secondly, we have all five types of collagen in our Collagen PRO formula capsules. This is just awesome because you have so many benefits just associated with taking these collagen capsules with ALL 5 types of collagen with such a broad spectrum of health benefits  and anti-aging benefits.

Most of us folks who need to get on top of antiaging or who are looking to not only help reverse aging but to even achieve greater health, looks, muscles, bones, skin, agility and overall functionality, better than ever, may want to use a supplement like Collagen PRO systematically and strategically to push the body towards achieving these new health ambitions goals. This is the approach we take and have done very well with this approach in the past.

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

  • Skin and hair support
  • Joint support
  • “Leaky gut” support
  • Muscle mass support
  • Energy support
  • Liver support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Type 10 collagen Type X is used for forming bones and cartilage
  • Type 5 collagen – Type V – is 4 cell surface formation, and the placenta
  • Type 2 Collagen – Type II – helps build cartilage so therefore it is important for joint health.
  • Type 3 – Type III – provides elasticity which is important foreskin tightness and a youthful look in addition to our blood vessels flexibility.
  • Type 1 – Type I Collagen – the most abundant and strongest type used for tendons, ligaments, organs, skin, the gut, bones, wound healing, skin elasticity, holding together tissue, teeth, eyes. Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair.

You can get started right here with our collagen Pro  or get more info on our website that explains Collagen PRO Collagen Supplements in more detail.

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Best Collagen Supplement On The Market


There all sorts of collagen supplements on the market. most of those supplements are in the form of drink powders we have to scoop out some powder and put it into a drink of one sort or another. You’ll even see collagen added to coffee and I even saw a Stevia sweetener with collagen in it – absolutely disgusting. Why would you ruin a good thing by mixing incompatible things just to chase some gimmmic?

Anyways we have a better solution for taking in college in a much more pleasant and efficient way. We have this new collagen supplement that we call Collagen PRO that is convenient to take because it is in pill form.  And collagen pills are much easier to take.

And even better than most collagen supplements out there, these collagen supplements, Collagen PRO collagen capsules are great because they contain five forms of collagen proteins designed to give you the amino acids spectrum for optimize for your body to use these amino acids to reform collagen into the different tissues that your body needs. This is a total antiaging powerhouse designed to help you regenerate not only your skin and the youth of your face but also your joints and bones and so on.  Most collagen supplements do not contain all five forms of collagen that are important for the body.

Arguably on that note, it could be a great health habit to be on our Collagen PRO to give you that side boost for your body, to have the nutrients it needs to regenerate and reform and help you restore your more youthful look and agility.

I can’t stress enough how much nicer it is that have collagen supplements in the pill. It may sound great to have collagen in drink powders but for a lot of people it creates extra work, extra steps, extra cleaning and the awkwardness of mixing in your collagen powder with whatever other powders or drinks making a beverage taste and feel kind of icky.  So therefore collagen pills can be a great alternative.

What you may want to look into doing is the concept of supplementing with collagen (Collagen PRO)  for six months and increase the fruit intake particularly berries, melons, mangoes, bananas and citrus along with that. Also you may want to consider good vitamin C supplementation as well since that will help you boost collagen production granted you have the collagen amino acids available for your body to use to reassemble into proteins that your body needs personally. So therefore by having a collagen supplement that gives you those collagen proteins which then breakdown into the amino acids in their proper ratios your body can then use those amino acids which are now available in the proper ratios for efficient collagen re-formation in the body. It’s a beautiful thing!

So as a reminder one more time we use collagen supplementation to make the proper ratios of amino acids available. For example if you eat a bunch of foods or even a bunch of meat you may not have the amino acids in ratios that you need to form the collagen that you want and need to form. So if you’re missing one of the component part amino acids that are needed to form the collagen proteins in your body (because remember your body breaks down all food proteins into amino acids and then reassembles those amino acids – it does not use proteins eaten direct to make your own body’s cells) then your body can form the collagen you need. So therefore this is why collagen supplementation works so well for so many people – because it presents the amino acids and in the ratio that your body needs to go make its own collagen and rebuild your body making it more youthful, sturdy and strong.

Try our Collagen PRO. You may just want to get six bottles of the time because you get the most discount that way.

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 6 Pack

Best Collagen Supplement on the Planet – Collagen PRO

Collagen Capsules for Collagen Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 5 and Type 10 –  for Anti-Aging, Joint, Skin & Bone Support…

Receive ALL the Benefits from ALL the Collagen Types at Once!

COLLAGEN PRO Covers Five Different Collagen Types in One Pill Making Full Spectrum Collagen Supplementation More Easy to Do…

  • Skin and hair support
  • Joint support
  • “Leaky gut” support
  • Muscle mass support
  • Energy support
  • Liver support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Type 10 collagen Type X is used for forming bones and cartilage
  • Type 5 collagen – Type V – is 4 cell surface formation, and the placenta
  • Type 2 Collagen – Type II – helps build cartilage so therefore it is important for joint health.

  • Type 3 – Type III – provides elasticity which is important foreskin tightness and a youthful look in addition to our blood vessels flexibility.
  • Type 1 – Type I Collagen – the most abundant and strongest type used for tendons, ligaments, organs, skin, the gut, bones, wound healing, skin elasticity, holding together tissue, teeth, eyes. Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair.

Top Collagen Supplement

If you are looking for a Top Collagen Supplement then we have something for you !

Collagen powder from a scoop  makes a mess and messes up a shake so why not just use  capsules instead?

In fact most collagen powders only have one or two collagen types. We have a supplement here that has all 5 types of collagen in a pill!

 You’ll see when you try Collagen PRO  how using capsules makes life so much easier for collagen supplementation. This is an incredible collagen supplement having all five types in one capsule  speaking from our own experience with this supplement. This offers a tremendous across-the-board support for regeneration and restoration of various body parts  in addition to anti-aging benefits.

A five or six month collagen have any combination with nice amounts of vitamin C in your diet, natural form preferred, can offer you quite a reset button in life.

 Check out more information about our Collagen PRO supplements. We think that these could be a convenience start for you for sending your health, energy, vitality, youth restoration,  agility and strength back  to the good old days.

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Saffron Extract for Weight Loss, Eye Health and Many Other Benefits?

Saffron Extract for Weight Loss, Eye Health and Many Other Benefits.

Saffron supplementation is a historical. Jim health boosting that you can take advantage of right now today through our saffron supplements.

Safranal in saffron gives it its distinct taste and aroma.  There is also to research showing the benefits of saffron and saffron supplementation. Enhanced learning ability is even one of them!  saffron is even used for fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

  • The saffron we use: Crocus Sativus L

To see more details about saffron supplements check them out here our website or on Amazon.


Saffron Extract – What People Use Saffron for Throughout the World…

Saffron supplementation is over looked by the popular -health community and you can now use it as your own secret of boosting weapon like the rest the world…

  • The saffron we use: Crocus Sativus L

To see more details about saffron supplements check them out here our website or on Amazon.


Saffron Supplements Health Secret Weapon

Not many people seem to be talking about saffron is a health supplement the saffron is a powerful health supplement in league with turmeric, Ginger and berberine. 

Saffron supplementation has become become a secret weapon for us. We use saffron supplementation as a health habit and the benefits perceived have been substantial especially for: immunity, vision, mood. 

When you  make smart supplementation habit and then the benefits just add up stack up and compound. 

Saffron supplementation benefits start kicking in at 30 mg the we have 88 mg in our saffron supplement formula.

To see more details about saffron supplements check them out here our website or on Amazon.


Have You an Age Reversal Habit?

Have You an Age Reversal Habit? You Could Start Today Building Facial Collagen. Check Out Our Anti-Aging Cream Special

Every day counts towards slowing down or even reversing the aging process. What we want to do is create this automatic habit so we don’t even have to think about doing things that provide our face the nutrients they need towards achieving a certain health goal. And our health goal here is to look younger!

Every little bit counts. People record their impressions about us and they remember. You know how that goes as we all do with others. We take little picture snapshots of people and render our opinion, yeay, ok, or ewww… Then therefore we want to do the various habits to put ourselves in a good position for making a good impression each and every time, in terms of our facial display.

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Watch Joint Pain Disappear with Collagen Supplementation?

Collagen supplementation for joint pain? Most certainly.

Collagen supplementation can be a part of an overall joint health program. helping the improvement in cartilage health directly as well with Collagen Type II and Type X.

Also, anything that can help develop the strength of the joints can therefore cross contribute over towards greater mobility and agility which then can therefore help clean out the junk and the inflammation that usually is involved in joint pain through more and greater movement.

Traditionally collagen decreases in the body as the body gets older. We need to look into counteracting this process. We had to counteract certain processes when we were younger, for example, acne, so the concept of counteracting the effects of less collagen in the body should be considered normal.

This study shows that participants experienced significant improvement for their joint pain by taking collagen supplementation 

Collagen types 1 2 3 and 10 go into to play for contributing towards overall joint health and fortunately these are all in… our Collagen PRO formula. Try some today! Get autoship for a discount and so you don’t forget. The benefits happen as you make collagen supplementation at a habit.

Get All 5 Forms of Collagen in One Supplement – Find Out More:

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Could Collagen PRO Be the Next Super Supplement? ​


You can use the pill form collagen with Velocity Supplements “COLLAGEN PRO”.   Get 5 types of collagen which makes taking collagen much more convenient vs. mixing into a drink or having to drink disgusting tasting bone broth.

Get All 5 Forms of Collagen in One Supplement – Find Out More:

Collagen PRO As An Ultimate Beauty Supplement? ​

Collagen PRO As An Ultimate Beauty Supplement?  

You should see various before and afters around the internet of the dramatic changes in significant collagen supplementation.  

Combine significant enough collagen supplementation in combination with vitamin C through supplementation or from fruits and vegetables and watch your skin blossom!

Most people try a dibble here in a dabble there and they don’t get anywhere! What needs to be done is methodical supplementation effort to push the undesired state of the skin into a more desired state by repeated pounding away with the good stuff help reverse the negative that you don’t want.

We like Collagen PRO formula because it contains five types of collagen. So that covers our bases all in one pill. But we also should mention is that if you purchase 3 or 6 at a time you’ll get a discount. And you can go get a nice discount by going on auto-ship so you may want to just go give it a try and put Collagen PRO to work for the next few months and see what happens !

+  Skin Health & Beauty Support
+  Hair Health Support
+  Anti-Aging Support
+  Lean & Toned Body Support

Get All 5 Forms of Collagen in One Supplement – Find Out More:

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5 Types of Collagen in One Pill – Save Time and Money

Collagen Complex PRO Capsules Type 1 2 3 5 and 10 for Anti-Aging, Joint, Skin & Bone Support*

  • Skin and hair support
  • Joint support
  • Created with Gut
    “leaky gut” support
  • Muscle mass support
  • Energy support
  • Liver support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Type 10 collagen Type X is used for forming bones and cartilage
  • Type 5 – Type V – is 4 cell surface formation, and the placenta
  • Type 3 – Type III – provides elasticity which is important foreskin tightness and a youthful look in addition to our blood vessels flexibility.
  • Type 2 – Type II – helps build cartilage so therefore it is important for joint health.
  • Type 1 – Type I Collagen – the most abundant and strongest type used for tendons, ligaments, organs, skin, the gut, bones, wound healing, skin elasticity, holding together tissue, teeth, eyes. Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair.

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Collagen – the Most Needed Protein in the Body


Collagen is of greatest quantity of all proteins in our body. Arguably it’s the most important and is needed to develop skin, bones, muscles, blood vessel, the digestive system, tendons and ligaments.

So therefore having an ample amount of the different types of collagen will allow our bodies to restore and repair for greater performance, more strength, more health, more endurance, more rapid recuperation, more agility and more youthfulness, more youthful looks.


Bone Broth Powder is Nasty – Collagen PRO Capsules are Easy

For Those Who Wish to Skip the Nasty Taste of Bone Broth and Other Collagen Powders – Try Collagen PRO with 5 Types of Collagen in a PILL!

Collagen Complex PRO Capsules Type 1 2 3 5 and 10 for Anti-Aging, Joint, Skin & Bone Support*

Get All 5 Forms of Collagen in One Supplement – Find Out More:

Have you ever tried bone broth powder? It’s quite nasty. You can ruin a nice tasting smoothie. Plus bone broth doesn’t have all the collagen types that Collagen PRO has. So why not just pop some collagen pills instead?

A collagen supplementation habit it could be quite a positive surprise towards joint health, youthful-looking skin and a lean and toned body. Remarkable before and after success stories people have been produced with people who have had good collagen supplementation regiments. You may want to study supplementing with collagen a bit more to see.

Of course success with any regimen including regular collagen supplementation will depend on dosage, frequency between the days, frequency within a day in addition to absorption booster and co nutrient factor supplementation. And you should know by now that vitamin C helps the body with collagen production. Either take some high-quality vitamin C supplements or eat a ton of fruit that has high vitamin C content, organic please.

Speaking of organic just a quick note did you know that organic foods have 70% more nutrients on average? Plus they have far less contaminants such as pesticides. Farmers are not allowed to use chemical pesticides on organic foods.

Also organic foods have a substance called salvestrol, which is the key anticancer component in foods that most people have been missing these days, hence the skyrocketing cancer rates.

Salvestrol in the plant operates as a antifungal agent which is only found in organic and not in conventional farming. Conventional farming fertilizers and pesticides that knockout the plant’s salvestrol. Interesting isn’t it!

Collagen Complex PRO Capsules Type 1 2 3 5 and 10 for Anti-Aging, Joint, Skin & Bone Support*​

  • You can use the pill form with Velocity Supplements COLLAGEN PRO. Get 5 types of collagen which makes taking collagen much more convenient vs. mixing into a drink or having to drink disgusting tasting bone broth.
  • Collagen supports faster post workout recovery – or support for recovery from a hard day’s work.
  • Collagen supports a leaner body that comes from obtaining nutrients you need without having to eat as much quantity of food.
  • A leaner body that comes with having more muscle mass which collagen can help grow.
  • A healthier digestive system can come with collagen assisting repair and regeneration of the digestive system. 
  • Collagen is needed in gut’s connective tissue and supplementation may help support the protective lining of your digestive tract. 
  • Having stronger gut walls may help you seal up leaky gut (leaky gut is a dangerous condition which can allow food and bacteria from the gut escape out of the gut into the rest of your body wreaking havoc with bacteria like candida culturing elsewhere…

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