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Biotin As A Blood Sugar Supplement?

Biotin plays an important role in blood sugar digestion. Biotin deficiency causes problems with glucose and cholesterol regulation. Insulin control is negatively affected when one is biotin deficient.

Studies have shown that biotin especially in combination with, chromium has the potential to significantly improve glucose tolerance while improving the levels of triglycerides and fructose. 

Vitamins and minerals are key components to various biological processes in the body. Vitamins and minerals are “gears to a machine” whereas the body is the machine. And if you are missing a few gears to your machine, your machine is not going to work very well. Biotin is one such component that is involved in the blood sugar digestive process.

Additionally more studies reveal that biotin has its role in the blood sugar digestive process. For example this study  has found that high doses of biotin supplementation with diabetic patients significantly improved their diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Researchers also have found that diabetics tend to be deficient in biotin.

They’ve discovered that the association of blood sugar digestion problems to biotin deficiency comes from problems with a particular enzyme called pyruvate carboxylase which is biotin dependent. And because of this, destruction of this enzyme functionality is disrupted in the nervous system for metabolism. At the very least one could deduct that it would be a logical idea for healthcare professionals to suggest biotin supplementation for those with blood sugar digestion problems, diabetes, while also looking to check buyouts and levels in the body.  So the concept here would be that biotin would be suggested for every diabetic patient for the prevention and management of peripheral neuropathy.

And due to the fact that the average diet is deficient in natural state minerals and vitamins, supplementation has become essential in modern day living.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to restore the soil so powerful that we can get all our nutrition from foods. But that will take a very large effort and probably a good deal of time before we see those days.

So therefore since it is so critical to maintain our health every single day, using supplementation for making sure one has enough biotin for proper processing of blood sugar (and several other health functions in the body), sounds like a smart idea.

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