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BHB Exogenous Ketones Supplement Decrease Appetite

Exogenous Ketone supplements also have been found in studies to significantly decrease appetite  which is attributed to lower levels of ghrelin (a hunger hormone) post ketones supplementation.

So when you’re doing the keto diet, which is a great experiment to do with its many benefits, you’re going to want to do a good job with it. You’ll want to transition into ketosis actual ketosis more efficiently and effortlessly and in order to do so you would use BHB keto salts exogenous ketones supplementation.

Now that sounds like some crazy stuff right? BHB what?  Exo who?  Sounds like some “special stuff from off the street” doesn’t it?  Maybe it sounds like some futuristic super solider formula to some, like the Iron Man exo shell nano suit whatever.  But wait, guess what? Your own body makes BHB keto salts and it makes a lot of it!

And the trick is that when you enhance your own ketone production, your body appreciates it while on the keto diet.  You accelerate and enhance the ability of the keto diet to do what it does.

And I remember printing out a clinical study several years ago that involves the use of keto diet on cancer tumors in rats. The keto diet by itself did so-so. But when they added the BHB keto salts the tumors started to shrink disappear dramatically. That was impressive and it really imparted understanding about the power of BHB keto salt supplementation otherwise known as beta hydroxybutyrate.

Of course we’re not trying to tell you what to do but at least you can take some of this information and do your own research and work with your own health care professional help you crack some of your own codes for health and weight loss. I know I was certainly excited to discover more about the BHB ketones also known as exogenous ketones supplementation – See more here.

So, also an added benefit for weight loss purposes as found by this study is that BHB Keto Salts, Exogenous Ketone supplementation lowers perceived hunger making weight loss easier.   That happens likely because well as stated ghrelin levels are lower which means you have lesser hunger signals, yet.  But if you’re body has an ample supply of energy from these exoggenous ketones then well, your body machine is running pretty well and you don’t need an energy boost.  Much of the time we eat simply for an energy boost.   


KE consumption increased blood BHB levels from 0.2 to 3.3 mM after 60 minutes. DEXT consumption increased plasma glucose levels between 30 and 60 minutes. Postprandial plasma insulin, ghrelin, GLP‐1, and PYY levels were significantly lower 2 to 4 hours after KE consumption, compared with DEXT consumption. Temporally related to the observed suppression of ghrelin, reported hunger and desire to eat were also significantly suppressed 1.5 hours after consumption of KE, compared with consumption of DEXT.


Increased blood ketone levels may directly suppress appetite, as KE drinks lowered plasma ghrelin levels, perceived hunger, and desire to eat.

BHB Keto Salts – Exogenous Ketones Supplement Has a Host of Surprisingly Powerful & Helpful Benefits if You’re on the Keto Diet or Not, with Benefits Ranging from Energy Support to Blood Sugar Support to Cholesterol Support to Even Anti-Tumor Support…

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