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Beta-Alanine for Weight Loss

Beta-Alanine is a added to African Mango Diet Drops complex to help  boost your energy levels so you can burn off more fat throughout the day and when you work out.

Beta-Alanine can help your performance skills and critical thinking in real-time improving cognitive function. This also means you will more likely be excited about engaging in your exercise and doing more intense exercise, athletics or even just a burning cardio workout session.

Beta-Alanine delays the fatigue factor allowing you to do more activity as pertains to losing weight, burning off extra body fat.

Beta-Alanine can also help retain muscle mass or even increase muscle mass as per study with Beta-Alanine supplementation in combination with with HITIT training.

So Beta-Alanine delays fatigue with intense exercise in cardio which is beneficial when one is trying to raise their level and ability to handle more intense exercise. More intense exercise helps the afterglow fat burning.

When you’re looking to burn off fat you can go the moderate cardio way which looks to directly burn off fat but that takes a long time. When you do a more intense type of cardio as associated with HIIT type of cardio the benefit comes with the fat burning afterglow 1,2 even three days later.

We have Beta-Alanine in our African Mango Complex Weight Loss Diet Drops formula: check it out you may like this is what formula. It’s very popular and is under 20 servings per bottle. Check out more information about this amazing formula of synergistic ingredients that may just help you finally make it over the hump to the weight loss that you want and need.






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