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Best Supplements for “Man Boobs”?

What Are the Best Supplements for “Man Boobs”?

What are man boobs? 

There are different classifications of man boobs or what appears to be man boobs.  

You know what man boobs are! They are a flabby appearance of the chest area in various shapes and sizes that get people to visually associate a man’s chest with having female breasts. 

  • They are embarrassing.
  • They cause mockery, heard or unheard.
  • They can be signs of greater health problems to come. 
  • They cause mental, emotional issues, lack of confidence, depression and so on… not good. 

There are man boobs types created from chronic excess estrogen levels or xenoestrogen levels.  With chronic excessive estrogen many can even start to develop breast tissue.  But the good news is that just as this breast tissue was developed it can be dissolved although some may argue that point. It just depends on what you know! 

Surgeons would love to get their knives on your man boob “gynecomastia” and start hacking away, lopping off parts of  your body (of which may still be important!).  “Come here flabby boy… I’ll fix your manboobs right quick… heheheh…”  (family member lol) But is it necessary?   Fortunately if you smartly and logically look for root cause reversals, maybe not. 

There are man boobs that look like female breasts yet are a combination of fat and swollen lymph nodes. Now this is very common particularly in modern times with modern corrupt diets and excessive computer use. Excessive computer use? Oh yes!

Start to observe when on a desktop or laptop, the muscle flexing (although slight) and tension areas that are used to support yourself in front of the computer.  And remember that tension = restriction = clogging = backups = “man boob” appearance contribution in addition to general “flabby” struggles in the area. 

Now of course we are all taught in typing class if you had that… That we are supposed to hold our hands above the keyboard and not lean on the keyboard or the desk. Yeah right.  That also requires an exceptional ergonomic desk setup. Most people tire out very quickly trying to hold up their arms in front of them and above the keyboard so then they start leaning on the desk in front of them.

This leaning into the desk creates a chronic tension. This tension although slight can be compared to an actual exercise.  This tension is similar to the tension that is created at the lower part of an overhead pull over, you know on those overhead pull over machines like especially the old school Nautilus pullover machines.  And chronic slight tension restricts flow, flow of blood and flow of lymph. The lymphatic fluid contains the interstitial sewage from your cells “pee and poo” amongst other nasty things. Chronic restriction creates backup in this area which is why you get this extra liquidy jigglyness around the chest area and under the armpits thereby adding to the appearance of man boobs.

Also restriction to this area contributes to the build up of fact in the area. Most of my tough fat zones for example are areas that have the most restriction and consternation due to clothing habits or excessive use of the computer which I found myself getting into over the past couple decades but especially over the past 10 years.

Now there are several approaches we have for dealing with the man boobs issue whether the man boobs be from excessive fluids and fats stuck in the chest area or actual chronic excessive estrogen which has been experienced…

In regards to supplementation as we have the approach of looking to first address excess estrogen while also helping liberate lymphatic drainage.  We also need to have a general detoxification and cleansing supplementation habitual regiment.

For extra man boob, lymphatic drainage help: these dies were found to be very helpful:  Velocity LEAN Diet.   Or the MAGNALEAN EXTREME Rapid Weight Loss System

Then from there we can also look at boosting testosterone.

And just a note, when you are looking at using supplements particularly in dealing with hormones you’ll definitely want to find a knowledgeable healthcare professional who deals with natural nutrients and who have some success with doing so in regards to hormonal optimization naturally. Yes there are lots of healthcare professionals out there who deal with hormonal management chemically but those approaches have been usually associated with all sorts of side effects.   Another note is that professional bodybuilders are usually highly knowledgeable on how to get rid of man boobs of different types since they have to be very careful in their hormonal management otherwise they will create all sorts of problems and themselves, create man boobs of actual breast tissue or those hideous looking “bitch tits” as they call them (yuck! lol).

From our current array of supplements we have

T+E- Testosterone Boost – Estrogen Drainer Supplement Formula

VelcocityMAN “Manification” Protocol Bundle Kit


Estrogen Cleanse Kit 1


Super Liver – Liver Cleanse

VTOX Multipurpose Detox Supplement, Maintenance Cleanse & Colon





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