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Best Collagen Pills

Best Collagen Pills

Which are the Best Collagen Pills?  What Makes it Great?

Well would have to say our own because we use them and we have much experience with them.

Also we have many happy customers that are also repeat customers.

Why our Collegen PRO collagen capsules? Because they’re very excellently made in they have all five types of collagen.

Type 3 Collagen – Type III – provides elasticity which is important for skin tightness and a youthful look in addition to our blood vessels flexibility.

Type 1 Collagen – Type I – the most abundant and strongest type used for tendons, ligaments, organs, skin, the gut, bones, wound healing, skin elasticity, holding together tissue, teeth, eyes. Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair.

Type 10 Collagen – Type X is used for forming bones and cartilage.
Type 5 Collagen – Type V – is for cell surface formation, and the placenta.

Type 2 Collagen – Type II – helps build cartilage so therefore it is important for joint health.

  • Collagen Peptide Capsules
  • Best Collagen Peptide Capsules
  • Bovine Collagen Peptides
  • Marine Collagen Peptides
  • Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Peptides
  • Chicken Collagen Peptides
  • Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides
  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides
  • Eggshell Collagen Peptides
  • Eggshell Membrane Collagen Peptides
  • Avian Sternum Collagen Peptides

It so much easier to take collagen capsules then do take drink powder.

Now drink powder has value if you are going to make a smoothie. If you’re going to make a smoothie then you can put in more collagen in combination of course with other great nutrients and collagen boosting factors. And that’s great every now and then but that takes a lot of work. A lot of people don’t have time for that.

Also blenders are usually a pain to clean.  So although we do encourage the use of smoothies it’s better to make a habit out of collagen capsules supplementation, collagen pills supplementation because it’s easy and it’s more likely to stick is a habit.  That’s what we have found from our experience and that of observing others. 

And we, we personally, but also you too, want that habit of collagen pills supplementation because why?

We want that consistent supply of collagen for our body so our body can regenerate into more optimal youthful and strong form!

You see it’s the psychology of things that make or break health optimization.

If you want to achieve a health goal it’s best to make it easy so your subconscious mind can get into a groove about it and is not a big deal to you.

But in the meantime, while you are in that groove, with your new excellent habit taking those collagen peptide supplements on a daily systaltic basis,  you are then also getting all the benefits from them!

But…. if it takes a lot of work for you to intake nutrients that you need to achieve your health and beauty goals, then psychologically, your subconscious may step in and stop you, preventing the beneficial habit of intaking nutrients on because the process of you intaking those nutrients is causing damage through the extra stress of it all.  And stress can cause actual damage in the body. 

I can speak from experience.  And even though I am a smoothie fan and I try to do smoothies as much as possible, it still a gets to a point where it’s just too much work and I phase out of it. And if I phase out of the making the smoothies and I rely only on collagen powder then guess what? Then I’m not taking my collagen! And that’s just no good.   And that’s what I’ve experienced. 

So then, using collagen pills is the way to go in my opinion it from my experience. It’s just so much easier. Is just so much easier to keep as a habit.

And if you can keep your collagen pills supplementation as a habit then you can continually reap those benefits.

Yes because of these beneficial habits, like collagen supplementation, others could be looking at you, noticing how good and youthful you, seeing how you move about with such speed and agility and could wonder in their mind saying something to themselves like ‘you’re lucky’ or ‘you must have good “genes”‘… whereas instead, you  simply established a collagen supplementation habit instead!  You’ve just started regenerating into great, healthy, and more youthful form because you continually supply your body the nutrients it needs to optimally regenerate!

Check out our Collegen PRO collagen pills below.  We think they are the easiest way to intake collagen and are one of the best collagen pills supplements on the market. 

Also check out our external collagen boosting skin care program that helps boost collagen in the face, in the skin from many angles using creams and a serum.

So… How About Taking Some Action with a New Collagen Habit?  Here’s the Easy Way – Use Collagen Capsules (instead of drink powder which causes too much work, then turns you off to the process later…): 


Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula


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