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Best Collagen For Skin

Best Collagen For Skin

The Best Collagen for Skin is Type I and Type III.

Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair.

Type 3 Collagen – Type III – provides elasticity which is important for skin tightness and a youthful look in addition to our blood vessels flexibility.

Type 1 Collagen – Type I – the most abundant and strongest type used for tendons, ligaments, organs, skin, the gut, bones, wound healing, skin elasticity, holding together tissue, teeth, eyes. Type I helps minimize sagging skin on the face and wrinkles. It also helps you grow strong thick hair.

Why is it the Best Type for Skin? 

Because it is in the correct amino acid ratios that your body uses in order to regenerate skin and create the collagen matrix, the fibroblast matrix that can make your skin taught and youthful looking.

Now there are many ways to help regenerate collagen in the skin. But one of the most fundamental ways is to actually provide the collagen building blocks so your body has to those building blocks in order to make its own collagen.

Collagen is a  protein. A protein is made out of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins have amino acids in different ratios and in different types. Your collagen for your skin requires a certain ratio of amino acid types. If you’re missing one of the amino acids then your body simply cannot make that collagen proteins and you have a limiting factor.  Hence, direct collagen supplementation has shown to be a great thing since your body intakes proteins that get broken down into pools of amino acids in ratios that your own body can then take and use to make it’s own collagen. 

So again, why collagen supplementation is so effective because it delivers the amino acids in the proper ratios that your body can quickly pick up those amino acids and remake its own collagen.  And having an easy collagen supplementation habit using collagen capsules could be of great value to your health across the board.

So in order to get the Best Collagen For Skin  on a regular basis, try Collagen PRO below to help make things much easier. 

So… How About Taking Some Action with a New Collagen Habit?  Here’s the Easy Way – Use Collagen Capsules (instead of drink powder which causes too much work, then turns you off to the process later…): 


Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

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