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African Mango for Weight Loss

Average 28 Pounds Weight Loss with African Mango in Study

20 Pounds No Way!



Check this out:

Lipids in Health and Disease. In that study, 102 people took 150 mg of a patented African mango extract (IGOB131) or placebo two times per day for ten weeks. At the end of the study, people in the African mango group had lost an average of 28 pounds, while people in the placebo group had lost almost no weight.

Waist circumference, body fat percentage, total and LDL-cholesterol levels, measures of inflammation in the body, and blood glucose levels all significantly improved in the African mango group. Such changes help lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, a forerunner to heart disease and diabetes.

Naturopathic doctor stumbles upon a study showing the secrets of African mango supplementation and its power for helping you lose weight.

Through the clinical studies she interprets that weight loss markers across-the-board increasing substantially with African mango.

African Mango supplementation is a surprising new thing is being endorsed and accepted around the industry which is obviously why we’re selling it. It’s just studied to be that effective and it’s not the same thing as a regular mango although regular mango certainly have their health benefit create a regular mango means that in this area that it was grown in the south of the USA or in Latin America.

African Mango increases adiponectin levels, which are inversely proportional to body fat percentage. The more adiponectin  the less body fat you have.  Adiponectin also has anti-inflammatory and anti diabetic properties.

African Mango also helps normalize leptin response in the body meaning that people if are able to respond to leptin better, then they stop feeling hungry. That’s a  basic concept: eat less and lose weight – is the most logical.

But in modern time since we have so many corrupted in fake foods the body can’t recognize all these strange substances and lack of other nutrients that are supposed to be in various regular foods, so the body  gets confused and keeps eating.

Additionally, if one is eating a bunch of processed foods that have low nutrient counts then their bodies are just going to simply need to keep eating in order to obtain nutrients unless of course one is on a smart supplementation program 😉

We have two primary African Mango supplements for you to purchase. Very solid and well-liked supplements. First is V.LEAN and the second is “African Mango Drops” which is actually a complex formula of African Mango and other powerful weight loss supportive supplements.

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