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restore collagen in the face

Anti-Aging Collagen Supplement

Anti-Aging Collagen Supplement & Antiaging Tips

Part of the problem with aging that causes the aged look is that our collagen matrix falls apart. If you really break it down people look old yes because of gray hair but also because their face looks baggy and you have the wrinkly lines, leathery skin etc. But have you ever wondered why this happens besides the old excuse of “aging”?

If there is a cause for something then there can be a method that targets that cause for reversal, that counteracts that cause.  Have you ever thought of things in this way?

So then instead of just simply accepting “that is part of aging” we can obtain a different mindset instead of going with the herd. And now we can think more in the lines that if something starts to change in the body we just simply compensate for it.

For example if you get colder because the temperature has dropped you wouldn’t say “oh that’s just the way it is… I just need to go along with the Earth or the air-conditioning thermostat…”. No. You either go change the thermostat if you’re indoors or you go get some warmer clothes! You would simply, save for the colder air temperatures around you.

A similar process goes for approaching antiaging, for correcting aging issues.  And we speak from experience.

A lot of people just accept a lot of things without really looking into the causes of why such a thing happen.  Have you ever wondered why the skin on the face and hands can look extra old, weathered and wrinkly whereas the skin on your belly or your bum looks pretty young looking even looking the same as it did when you were teenager?  Have you ever thought about why that is?

Also have you ever thought about your diet as it influences us the looks of your body? Have you also thought about long-term dietary habits of the things you intake and things you are missing from your diet? These are additional factors.



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All these above-mentioned factors can be compensated for and reversed.  You just need to identify the problem and then come up with a reversal solution and a maintenance habit.

When the collagen matrix falls apart particularly in the face then things start looking shabby pretty quickly.

Fortunately a lot of people have learned how to boost the collagen matrix to help the appearance of aging. Additionally more more discoveries are being made continually in this aspect.

One of the most basic fundamental concepts for helping restore collagen, the collagen matrix, the fibroblasts matrix is to make sure that you have the amino acids available for your body to actually produce collagen proteins so your face and other parts of your body, your skin, your joints, your bones etc. can be rebuilt. 

You see your body doesn’t need and proteins it needs amino acids.  So you can eat foods that have amino acids and then then most students do. But each food has a different amino acid profile. And so then therefore if the foods you eat don’t have all the amino acids in ratio for collagen proteins to be made in the body then your body has a limiting factor on what it can do in terms of collagen regeneration.

So through the chronic habit over time of not supplying the body the foods that have the amino acids in the ratios that your body needs in order to make the collagen proteins in the body then you are going in the chronically insufficient in collagen production in the body and your body will slowly start to age and fall part.

So therefore by actually taking direct collagen supplementation’s you are taking in the amino acids in quantity and in ratios that your body can therefore use to make its own collagen. So by using a collagen supplement your body will break down the collagen supplement into its respective amino acids. The amino acids can then enter the bloodstream and then the bloodstream can take those amino acids around to the right areas for your other body parts to then create the collagen proteins in build the structures within the body to renew the body.  And so therefore as you probably are seeing already, collagen supplementation when done smartly and strategically can have fantastic results in helping multiple factors in the body but also particularly the skin and age reversal looks.

Additionally with the modern diet, the modern diet has tendencies to break the body down collagen in the body at a more accelerated rate. For example you may have heard that sugar breaks down your collagen matrix at an accelerated rate. But also any acid forming, acid pushing foods when chronically eating can accelerate the breakdown of the body and the breakdown of collagen in the body.

On top of that modern diets are horrendously notorious for being low in nutrients. Additionally the nutrient levels are not consistent. it has even been measured that modern foods have a rate of 1/100th of the nutrient mineral content of foods as compared to 50 to 100 years ago due the to modern scammy farming processes.

So what we have this year is an ultimate collagen supplement that has five types the collagen for a complete antiaging approach.  Look  to start your own collagen supplementation habit thereby supplying your body with the amino acids in the proper ratios for more efficient collagen formation and production in your own body for repair and regeneration.

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula

Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 3 Pack


Collagen PRO – Collagen Pills Type I II III V X Collagen Capsules Formula 6 Pack


You also will want a good diet that gives you focus on raw foods mostly with a spectrum of foods that gives you the quantity of amino acids in a good ratio for your body to use to reassemble into the collagen you need. Because remember any proteins food that you eat will be broken down by the body into amino acids picture file that uses to go till the proteins it needs according to studies and various researchers.

Additionally we have topical skincare to address the boosting of collagen in the face. Check out these collagen boosting skincare products below:

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Velocity SKIN Anti-Aging Cream


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