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Amazing 6.3% Body Fat Reduction and 16.2% Off Waistline Clinical Study with African Mango!

Amazing 6.3% Body Fat Reduction and 16.2% Off Waistline Clinical Study with African Mango!

In a 10-week study (DB-RCT) of 120 overweight volunteers, African mango supplements significantly reduced weight, body fat (6.3% avg.) and waistline circumference (16.2% avg.) [10].

In this study the participants received only 150 mg of African mango extract twice a day before lunch and dinner, about 30 to 60 min. They are evaluated the participants four, eight and then 10 weeks for the study. They measured the various changes in the body such as metabolic parameters, fasting lipids, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin, and leptin.

Significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference as well as plasma total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin and leptin levels were observed in the IGOB131 group compared with the placebo group.

Irvingia gabonensis administered 150 mg twice daily before meals to overweight and/or obese human volunteers favorably impacts body weight and a variety of parameters characteristic of the metabolic syndrome…Irvingia gabonensis extract may prove to be a useful tool in dealing with the emerging global epidemics of obesity, hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, and their co-morbid conditions. ClinicalTrials.gov NCT00645775

Now this is really fantastic when there are  such positive, clear cut, clinical studies like this that show African mango supplementation, in this case, is so factually impactful in a positive way for helping lose weight and increase the factors for putting one in a position for more easy weight loss.

On top of that not even that much African mango extract was needed per day – only 150 milligrams 2x per day, 30 to 60 minutes before lunch and dinner. So do you know that they did take the African mango extract before each meal so you may want to include that in your African mango extract supplement regimentation program.

Studies like these not only add factual, logical, physiological support to African mango extract supplementation but clinical studies like these bring more clarity on what we can use for weight loss supplementation to enhance the efficiency of our efforts in losing weight.   They also help ensure us that what we are taking supplementally has logic behind it. 

Also, clinical studies like these help us get clarity on what we should more definitely use in our weight loss supplement regimens.  We all need such clarity and confidence because some of the more effective weight loss supplements are not felt. What does that mean?

A lot of people base their weight loss supplementation or supplementation in general on what they can feel right away. That’s not necessarily a correct approach speaking from over 30 years in health, fitness, personal training and bodybuilding. You’ll be able to feel fat burners and other stimulants supplements right away but that’s only part of the weight loss supplementation equation.  Some nutrients go down deeper to work your body’s systems down even to the cellular level and those nutrients can be highly effective for weight loss purposes. 

You need weight loss supplement nutrients that will go into the background, that you won’t likely perceptually notice, but are doing a lot of the background heavy duty, deep layer fat burning, fat liberation work that is absolutely critical for you losing weight faster, for burning fat faster.  And you could say that African mango extract is one of those nutrients, especially in combination with other weight loss harmonizing nutrients. you can see some of our weight loss formulas below that as African mango extract that are really good formulas:

African Mango Complex Diet Drops – Weight Loss Supplement

V.LEAN – Weight Loss Pills – Fat Blocker – Fat Metabolizer –

V.ANQUISHER – Advanced Weight Loss Supplement Formula for Fat



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