Register to Velocity Supplements Affiliate Program

  1. Sign up to get your affiliate links, and you’re good to go!  Remember, you get a flat 30% commission on whatever you sell.  If something is not commissionable we’ll let you know.  There is no commission of shipping and handling of course so if we do a free plus S&H or $1 plus S&H or the like there is not commission on that but… you get commissions on everything else a customer buys through your promotion efforts and we like to upsell a lot!
  2. Here is the Affiliate Terms & Conditions to Which You Agree by Signing Up.  Make sure you read the rules.
  3. Even before you get started consider creating promotion plans for basic affiliate promotion methods such as:  reviews, video reviews, social media posts (facebook pages, facebook groups, pinterest pins, youtube videos (videos also to facebook, instagram, pinterest and wherever else you can)(people love video reviews especially from your own personal use (and if you’re looking to test supplements, let us know and we can get you some coupons.)  Get emails ready to send to your newsletter:  You could even go one by one with our supplement products and bundle kits.  For emails you can use content from our site and tweak it for your subscribers (just don’t copy and paste our content into your blog and video).  Pod casts do well.  A lot of news channels promote supplements – maybe you could do something similar.    Test targeted low cost ads to presell pages (don’t send directly to the sales page but presell them (a little article, for example or a review or preview) since presell pages increase conversion.   Pod casts.  Look on the internet for other affiliate marketing strategies – there are tons of them out there.  Consider creating passive income from SEO sites, video channels and any other medium that can bring you residual traffic while promoting our supplements through your affiliate link.
  4. You can create a link to whatever page on our site for promotion!  After you sign up you’ll see how to easily do so.
  5. Make sure you run a test order to make sure your affiliate tracking links so you have the confidence that your links work.
  6. We pay out once a month.  But… If you’re selling larger volume we can speed that up and even pay up to once a week.  Contact us and we’ll work with you to figure something out.  We understand that if you’re direct marketing using paid ads that you need those commission funds to come back to you quickly.
  7. You may suggest at any times to use ideas you have about increasing conversion that we could do to our website or by using other selling formats.
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