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We wanted to take a brief moment to introduce Velocity Supplements so you can get a feel for what we are about and why you may want to use our supplements.

We LOVE supplements.  Supplements in all sorts of types and varieties have done wonders for us respectively in addressing different health concerns or health goals.

We have been in development and research with supplements, drink powders and creams with over 3 decades of testing. We have learned quite a bit and can transfer some of that knowledge and understanding to you through our Velocity Supplements website.

All of our supplements, protocols and information products are inline with the goal of our "High Velocity Living" concept which includes Superior health so we can live life with full intensity, to the MAX.

We will continue to add more products and then start releasing new custom formulations and solutions for extraordinary health and lifestyle to help make life more fun, exciting, productive and overall wonderful.

Our supplements and related products are not intended to diagnose or prescribe and so on. We have chosen these supplements and related products based on our own needs and our own health systems we designed for ourselves. Seek the guidance of a licensed, knowledgeable Healthcare professional to work with you on an individual basis because that is essential.

Supplements, most supplements, are essentially, food.  You could call supplements in the variety of oils, leaves, roots, bark, berries, seeds...  essentially, "salad"!  There are other supplements which start to go more toward the drug extract way of doing things but essentially still are food since they are found in foods.   This is why supplements are not regulated like drugs.

We have launched with a good number of supplements.  But we intend to add many more supplements.  We also have many custom formula concept in the works.  Join our newsletter to hear about our new supplement launches and custom formulas to come.

Also through our newsletter we'll explain more about Velocity Supplements.  We'll look to provide a lot of supplement health education.  We'll also explain our supplements a lot more so you can understand the benefits of various supplements and what happens if those certain supplements are missing in your diet.
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